February, 2021, Jim got in touch with Andi. Having recently moved from Texas, to Alabama, he wanted to emulate the swimming pool / hot tub setup that he had in Texas. His new property has a lovely swimming pool but no hot tub.

Jim has a pretty unique requirement. He wanted to be able to “drop” the hot tub into the pool and then be able to fill it back up from the pool too.

Andi explained to him that this was not the done thing in the industry and that the chemical levels and bacteria etc are different. Jim understood, but still wanted to proceed with the setup.

Below shows the existing pool and the location of the new Hot Tub.

Jim's Existing Pool

Jim’s Existing Pool

Scope of Work

Jim contracted Andi to design the plumbing setup that was going to achieve this configuration, as well as supply the parts.

The Setup

What Jim had was a regular swimming pool circulation pump and sand filter setup. He was also going to replace the heater and change it to a 120 000 BTU propane heater.

What Jim wanted to do was by using a series of diverter valves, be able to manually change the direction of the flow of water to either pump water into his hot tub, or drain water from the tub into the pool.

He also wanted the ability to heat either the pool or the hot tub and switch between the two.

He also wanted the jets to be on a switch so he could just turn them on so he did not need a Spa Pack. He was not concerned about neither the filter cycles or the purge cycles that they can provide.

Finally, Jim’s in ground tub he wanted to construct from a rebar and Gunite construction.

The Design

The design is pretty complicated on the plumbing side but does have a series of gate valves that achieve the setup. The sketches that Jim provided were turned into 3D CAD by Andi to better visualize the setup.

Building Commences – March 2021

Jim's Hot Tub

The fist thing was the dig the new hole for the New Hot Tub.

Then, it needed to be lined with the rebar, and the plumbing added.

Jim's Hot Tub

Jim’s Hot Tub

Do You Need Some Help with your DIY Build?

If you need some help with your build then let us know. Drop me an email at or use the chat. We can help with plumbing designs. We can supply the specialist parts that you need. We can even convert your sketches into 3D CAD so you can better visualise what you are trying to build. Take a look at our plan options here.

Happy Hot Tubbin’