If you are struggling with your Hot Tub Chemicals and matching colours on your test strips to the scale on the bottles, this is the product for you – Aqua Chek TruTest. I’ve had my Hot Tub now for 18+ months and this little device is a total life saver. Saves so much hassle and messing around.

What is Aqua Chek TruTest?

Aqua Chek TruTest is a simple digital device that takes the guess work out of testing your Hot Tub chemicals. Instead of having to match colours on the testing strip to the side of the bottle, the device will measure the readings from your testing dip strip and then give you a digital reading of PH, TA, and levels of Chlorine.

How Does It Work?

Using the device is really straight forward.

  1. Switch on the device
  2. Press “go”
  3. Dip your test strip in the water
  4. Wait for the device to tell you it is ready
  5. Place strip on the testing device and wait for your readings

The device will tell you what your current levels are and whether they are “low” “ok” or “high”

What Do I Need?

Quite a simple one. You need the device, and some testing strips. Of course you need chemicals too to adjust your levels but that is a given with any testing equipment.

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