How much would your customers pay you to build them one of these?

You can make serious cash adding a Hot Tub to your building portfolio

With wait times on plastic shell tubs being 6 months plus, now is the time to be offering your customers your services to build them a Hot Tub. Let me explain how easy it is to do.

Build a hot tub

You already know about groundwork


You already know about laying blocks

You already know about pouring concrete

You already know
how to tile


Building something like this is easier than you think

  • Great PROFIT margins
  • Customers CANT GOOGLE the price
  • HUGE value add for your customer

But what about the plumbing? Isn’t it complicated?

No, it is much easier than you think.

Armed with your building skills, the right designs, detailed plumbing diagrams and parts lists, creating that wonderful money making hot tub in your customer’s backyard is easy!

General Contractors All Over The World Use Our Designs

Our designs are tried and tested. We sell them individually to the general public.

Dimensional Drawings


Plumbing Diagrams


Complete Set & Shopping List


But we don’t want to do that for Trade Customers like you….

For $99 the general public can purchase a single design…

For $99, you could purchase the plans that could make you upwards of $2000 in profit per hot tub!

But we don’t want to sell you that……

What if we offered you….

10 Full Designs and Plumbing Diagrams, plus parts lists and tips and tricks = $999 – NO!

Plus, we’ll also include….

The total package if bought separately would cost $1217

Get all of this TODAY ONLY SALE for just $19.99


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