Submit Some Data to Help Future Hot Tub Owners

Hello fellow Hot Tub lover! Thanks for visiting. I know there are cost calculators out there on the web already but they all seem to have an agenda. Either they want to sell you a particular model or they want to show you how “cheap” it is so you go forward with the purchase.

I don’t sell anything, I’m a Hot Tub Blogger (by night I do have a day job!) and want to give new potential Hot Tub Owners a true indication of what the estimated costs are driven from user data, rather than spec sheets and sales pitches.

By day I design software for a living so this should help me in my pursuit of designing the ultimate Hot Tub Running Cost Calculator.

Thanks for sending the data. It is totally anonymous and I don’t want anything identifying like names or emails whatsoever.



    How Many Persons is Your Hot Tub?

    How Many Hours a Week do You Use Your Hot Tub?

    Do You Lower the Temperature When Not In Use or Switch Off?

    On Average How Much Does it Cost Per Month to Run Your Hot Tub (please indicate currency)

    How Long Have You Had Your Tub?

    What Brand and Model (Optional)