Emptying the Hot Tub and changing the water is part and parcel of owning that bib bubbly tub of fun. I see time and time again people asking on forums what is the best submersible pump to empty the hot tub so in this blog post, I’m going to take a look at the options on the market. In general, most people will use a submersible pump to remove most of the Hot Tub water and then either use a sponge to get the last bits out, or a wet vacuum cleaner which makes the job a little easier.

Don’t Get Confused!

Firstly, don’t get confused. What do I mean by this? Well, type in submersible pump into google and you are going to get a whole host of different options. From pond and water features to the actual type of pumps that you need. In general, anything that doesn’t have a plug on it is going to be for a water feature. And in general, anything that USB powered,  Solar Powered or made of black plastic (this might be a bit of a generalisation but gives you a good idea) is not suitable for what you are looking for.

Best Options on a Budget (Under £40)

I’m going to include a couple of options in the category. The first from Katsu, is a great little pump that will get right to the bottom of that tub and get all the water out. With 400W of power and a massive 10 000 L/H capacity at full flow, this little powerhouse is going to empty that tub in no time at all.

This option from Birtech is another budget friendly submersible pump that will get that tub emptied in no time. Again, at under £40 it is a great option. 400W of suction and up to 7000 litres per hour it’s another great option that will not break the bank.

Best Trade Rated Option

There are a few names in the trade that we like to trust and Makita is of course one of them. Their whole range of products are so well made it would be wrong if I didn’t recommend one of their products in this section. The Makita PF0300 is the cheaper of the range. At just over 60 quid you get a lot of brand-name pump for your money.

Best Option if Money Is No Object! (You don’t need this!)

At nearly £200 I just don’t see why you would need something like this when a pump at a 1/4 of the cast would do it. That said, I do love a nicely designed product and the guys over at Karcher can certainly design nice looking products. If you have money to burn (please send some my way if you do) then this is the way to go. For the rest of us, the sub 50 quid options is probably best!

Best Cheap Wet Vacuum Cleaner?

If you are looking to get every last bit of water out of your tub, then this cheap wet vacuum cleaner is what you need. At under £50 it is a bargain. Large 10ltr capacity means there is plenty of space to suck up all the remaining water out of your tub ready for cleaning. The Silverline 319548 is certainly my wet vac of choice.

Silverline 319548 - 1000W 10Ltr DIY Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 230V