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IBTL Water Tank Hot Tub

IBTL Water Tank Hot Tub

Ivri obtained an industrial, (IBTL Water tank) plastic liquid tank of 1 cubic meter in a metal frame (for free). The original concept he had was to cut off the top section and just to heat up water from an old bathtub (behind the cube in this photo) with a simple DIY copper coil. This was going to be over an open fire under the bath and the loop going between the bath and the tub.

However, Ivri then decided he would go the whole hog. He Googled: “DIY Garden Jacuzzi” and found

Initial Contact

September 1, 2020 Ivri found Andi at , contacted him and he responded within 24 hours. Subsequently, after talking with Ivri, he explained that no other firm abroad or in Israel could offer a DIY solution for him.

Always up for a challenge, and believe it or not, this is not the strangest request we have received to date, Andi went ahead with the project.

This photo shows the first location standing above ground near olive trees in Ivri’s front garden.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for Andi and is the custom design of the IBTL Water tank hot tub, plus full plumbing diagrams for Ivri as well as supplying the plumbing parts. What Andi also did in this case was pre-assemble a lot of the parts for Ivri so that the plumbing is a bit more of a “Kit Form” than a part-by-part assembly. This was a great weekend project!

Below, you can see that the jet bodies have been assembled in the workshop and numbered for the assembly instructions.

IBTL Water Tank Hot Tub

IBTL Water Tank Hot Tub

As well as pre-assembling the jet bodies, Andi also pre-configured the Spa Pack for Ivri to make it more of a plug and play system when he received it in Israel. What you can see below is the expansion board that has been added to the Balboa system in order to add a blower into the mix. This is to give the full Hot Tub experience – in a water tank!

Balboa Expansion Board

Balboa Expansion Board

The parts were all packaged up and then Ivri collected them to export to Israel. All went smoothly without a hitch.

September / October

Some comments from Ivri “During September and most of October 2020 emails went back and forth between Andi and myself. I asked a lot of questions and was satisfied with Andi’s replies. He sent me CAD design drawings and assembly instructions which were all tailor-made to my requirements. The plan was to install 8 jets, 2 on each side of my tub.

While communicating with Andi, I also checked out shipping companies and took time to understand the delivery process from the UK to Israel.

After agreeing on a price, I ordered the complete plumbing kit of a water pump, blower, spa heater unit, and filter with made to measure plastic piping and connectors. From pick up time at Andi’s by the shipper DHL, door to door service took about one week. This photo shows the well packed palletized boxes containing all parts with no breakages after arrival on my veranda.”

November 2020

Ivri Explains – “When mounting future steps to get into the open tub, the upper half of my body would become entangled in the olive tree branches above. So I decided to dig a deeper hole in that same location. I started deepening the initial rectangle that you see here.

Then I discovered water and sewer pipes – just below the surface.  900 liters of water would definitely decimate or crack them. So I selected a new location for my hot tub.

I chose my small front garden area at the drop-off end of my veranda and dug a second hole. Apparently I enjoy digging holes. I dug down 45 centimeters – no water or sewer pipes! That depth was calculated to include a concrete base of 10 centimeters thickness which was needed on soft ground as a solid base plate to avoid subsidence, tilting and cracking of the plastic plumbing that Andi had supplied.

Here I am after completing digging the new hole, and before mixing and spreading cement to make a reinforced concrete base plate for the tub. November 18, 2020″

Do You Need Some Help with your DIY Build?

If you need some help with your build then let us know. Drop me an email at or use the chat. We can help with plumbing designs. We can supply the specialist parts that you need. We can even convert your sketches into 3D CAD so you can better visualise what you are trying to build. Take a look at our plan options here.

Happy Hot tubbin’