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How to Build your own DIY hot tub at home; I cover it all

Can you build your own DIY Hot Tub? ABSOLUTELY! One of the biggest challenges that I faced when building my own in ground hot tub was finding information. I decided that once complete, I would compile my new-found knowledge into a blog and website that other people like me could use. I’ve finally found the time to put this website together!
I know that it will save you money as I explain the things that I forgot about, didn’t know, or just cropped up that ended up costing me in the wallet. If you are considering building your own Hot Tub, then this is the website you need.
If you dont believe me, just search for “tiled overflow spa” in Google. They cost 5 times what it cost me to build mine. Ok, they have perhaps a little bit more “finesse” but at 5 times the price? Really?
Creating something like this costs less than you think. It’s lots of fun and this website will guide you through the whole process
You don’t have to be a builder or plumber to build your own in ground DIY hot tub. I did it, I’m a tech company CEO who just happens to be a keen DIY’er. In this website and blog I will explain how you can build your own in ground hot tub for a fraction of what you think it would cost. I’m drawing on personal experience and sharing the knowledge I learnt along the way.
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