Welcome to Build a Hot Tub Blog

One of the biggest challenges that I faced when building my own in ground hot tub was finding information. I decided that once complete, I would compile my new-found knowledge into a blog and website that other people like me could use. A year on, I’ve finally found the time to put this website together! Please do like, share, comment and put the word out! The information is here, its free so go on, use it!

DIY Hot Tub Case Study – Marc from the UK

Background Marc contacted in May 2021 as he wanted to build a hot tub between the area in his house and the garage. On Day Zero video below, you can see  Marc showing the area where he had been using an inflatable tub for quite some [...]

Go On! It costs less than you think!

Building your own in ground Hot Tub really does cost less than you think. This website and blog will give you all the knowledge you need to get started. But don’t blame us if you bite of more than you can chew in terms of your DIY skills, this is not for the beginner!


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