I Can Help You with Your Project.

Make your own DIY project a little easier with some help from me!

Perhaps you are comfortable laying bricks but not with the plumbing?

Got an idea but not sure where to start?

Seen this awesome tub on Pinterest you think you want to build in your backyard?

Whether you are looking for some plans, plumbing diagrams, how to instructions or more, you have come to the right place.

If you have an idea for a Hot Tub but don’t know how to get it off the ground, get in touch. I can help. I can create 3D CAD for you, put together plumbing designs, shopping lists and even supply parts – anywhere in the World. 

Check out the case studies to see how I have helped DIY’ers like you at Buildahottub.com


Watch a 4 Minute Video That Explains How I Helped William in the USA.


Watch a 5 Minute Video That Explains How I Helped Neil in the UK.


Watch a 2 Minute Video That Explains How I Helped Ray

Dimensional Drawings

Browse our dimensional drawings for tried and tested designs that work. Not sure if the seat is going to be too big or the Tub too deep? Use one of our designs.

Plumbing Diagrams

We can supply full plumbing diagrams. Take the guesswork out of your DIY Hot Tub. Pumps, blowers, non-return valves, all drawn in beautiful 3D diagrams

Shopping Lists

We can supply a full list of parts, manufacturer’s codes. Everything you need for your DIY Hot Tub. Shop around and get the best prices yourself!

Custom Designs

We can even design your DIY Hot Tub for you. Provide you with the drawings and the parts you need. Build it yourself, or get a contractor in to do it for you!

Flexible Options

Download one of our ready-made dimensional drawings or request a fully customised Hot Tub design, we can do it all for you.



Custom Hot Tub Design
Custom Plumbing Design
Full Phone / Video Design Consultation
Remove the Guess Work from DIY
Full Shopping list Provided
Advice and Assembly Tips Included



Custom Design
Parts Supply
Complete Package
Talk to us today
We can discuss your requirements

We can mock up all aspects of your new Hot Tub

3D CAD Design

This is the ultimate way to see how your Hot Tub is going to look before you even lift a spade!

We can provide fill 3D plumbing design to show all parts in the assembly.

Full 3D Plumbing Design

Save time an money by following a design that we know will work. Take the guesswork out of your plumbing design and let us do it for you!

In addition to a custom designed Hot Tub, we can also supply the parts!

Design & Part Supply

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for your DIY Hot Tub, we can help. We’ll design it for you and even supply the parts and an assembly method document. Makes your DIY project a little easier.

Our Designs and Shopping Lists will Save you Time and Money!

Here is how we saved one of our customers $40K

A client who recently moved to Spain came to us with with a dilemma. His contractor had quoted him 38K Euros for the Hot Tub that he wanted. Lost in translation, Ray thought this was just astronomical and he was not wrong. Looking around the web, he found us. He dropped us a line, we arranged an initial call to establish his requirements.

Ray contracted us to design and supply the parts needed for his Hot Tub. In keeping with the DIY nature of our site, he did all the plumbing assembly himself.

Just like on our font page, we came in at around 5K for the parts, provided him with the designs and methodology, saving him thousands in the process.

Let us do the same for you!