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The Great Pool Filter Face-Off: Sand vs Cartridge

sand vs cartridge filter

Forget gladiatorial combat, the real clash of titans happens poolside in the silent struggle between sand and cartridge filters. As summer’s vibrant curtain closes, you, the valiant pool warrior, stand poised at the precipice of a crucial decision: which filter will reign supreme in your watery domain? Fear not, for this epic tale delves beyond the surface, unveiling the hidden truths most blogs dare not reveal, to guide you towards your crystal-clear destiny.

Determining the Perfect Heater Size for Your Pool or Hot Tub

Determining the Perfect Heater Size for Your Pool or Hot Tub

Picture yourself on a warm summer day, ready to plunge into your refreshing pool or soak in the soothing waters of your hot tub. The anticipation builds, but suddenly, you realize that the water is far from the ideal temperature you envisioned. Whether you’re a pool owner seeking to extend the swimming season or a hot tub enthusiast yearning for consistent warmth, one crucial question arises: What size heater do you need to maintain the perfect temperature?

Choosing the right heater size for your pool or hot tub is a critical aspect of ensuring optimal comfort and enjoyment. A heater that’s too small might struggle to raise the temperature adequately, leaving you shivering and disappointed. Conversely, an oversized heater can lead to excessive energy consumption, wasting resources and unnecessarily inflating your utility bills.

What are the Self-Priming Hot Tub Pump Options?

Self Priming Pump Hot Tub

If you are not able to build your control room for your DIY hot tub below ground, then you are going to need a self priming pump. But what are the options? In this blog post, I will discuss the two main options that you have for self priming pump setups on your DIY hot tub build.

What is a self-priming pump?

A self-priming pump is a type of centrifugal pump that is capable of automatically removing air or gases from the suction line and creating a vacuum to draw in and pump liquids. Unlike standard centrifugal pumps which are found on hot tubs, which require the pump casing to be filled with liquid before operation, self-priming pumps can start pumping without the need for manual priming.

Can I Use a Variable Speed Pump in a Hot Tub?

Variable Speed Pump in Hot Tub

This is one of the questions that I do get asked regularly. There tends to be a common misconception around variable speed pumps and hot tubs. So, hopefully, in this article I can dispel some of the myths around the topic.

I’ll start us off with a statement – you cannot use a variable speed pump for the jets in your hot tub. Why not? Read on and I will explain all.

What is a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Auto Top Up System?

Pool Auto Top Up System

A Swimming Pool or Hot Hot Tub Auto Top Up/Fill System is a device that automatically fills up your swimming pool with water when the water level drops below a certain point. The system is designed to maintain a consistent water level in your pool without requiring you to manually add water every time it’s needed.

The system usually consists of a water level sensor that is installed in the pool and connected to a valve that controls the flow of water into the pool. When the water level drops below the desired level, the sensor sends a signal to the valve, which opens and allows water to flow into the pool until the desired level is reached.

Using a Priming Circuit Above Ground on a Centrifugal Hot Tub Pump

priming pump circuit

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog and on my YouTube Channel that the position of the control room is really important. I actually have a full article here that explains the difference between above ground and below ground control rooms here.

Hot Tub Pipe – The Ultimate Guide

Hot Tub Pipe

You may think that pipe is just pipe. In the case of Hot Tub Pipe, there are certainly a few things you need to know. In this article I will explain everything you need to know about hot tub pipe. This will make the pipe selection process a lot easier for you.