February, 2021, William purchased from the Online Shop the design for “The Original” Hot Tub. He then got in touch with Andi about supply for all of the parts of the tub as a kit.

William however was going to create the Tub a little differently than how “The Original” was made, he was going to pour concrete rather than blocks.

Scope of Work

William purchased the design from the online shop, then he purchased the parts from Andi too.

The Design

It’s “The Original” from the Online Store.

The Original

Building Commences – April 2021

William's DIY Hot Tub

You can see here that after digging the hole, William put in some type 1 ballast and then a liner. He has then put in some rebar into the floor and then poured the base of the tub.

He is now ready to build the form for the walls.

Building the Form

How good does this look! William put in place the bottom drains as well as the Gunite Bodies and the Skimmer. So, when he then poured the walls, he was going to get a perfect fit without needing the drill any holes – genius!

With the moulds totally off, you can see that the shape and design is exactly as per the drawings.

Tiling the Tub

William has opted for the advised method of finishing a tub and that is with tiles. It not only gives it a great look, but also adds waterproofing too.

Now for some plumbing

Once the tiles were on, it was time for William to do some plumbing. The plumbing designs come in the package so you just follow them step by step. I am of course on hand if you have any questions along the way.

Completion August 2021

What a fantastic job you have done William! It looks absolutely superb. Sat in a deck, this really is a thing of beauty. All that William is waiting for now is the cover that he has ordered from me. This will be with him in a couple of weeks. Congratulations on building a stunning DIY Hot Tub!


Do You Need Some Help with your DIY Build?

If you need some help with your build then let us know. Drop me an email at or use the chat. We can help with plumbing designs. We can supply the specialist parts that you need. We can even convert your sketches into 3D CAD so you can better visualise what you are trying to build. Take a look at our plan options here.

Happy Hot Tubbin’

Can I Help You?

If I can help you in any way I would love to hear from you. You can get in touch using the form below.

Thanks - Andi


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