When Colin from Ireland got in touch, I knew that Colin was a “Man on a Mission”! He was going to be building a bar with a hot tub. There was no way that I could pass on this one. I love a bar and a love a Hot Tub! Combing the two – genius!

I do really like a project that is slightly different and Colin’s was certainly that.

When Colin got in touch he knew exactly what he wanted from a building perspective, but he just wasn’t sure on the plumbing.

He also needed some supply of the parts. He’d contacted lots of different suppliers who in his words “just simply weren’t interested” he found me and I obviously love a DIY project so was definitely there to help him out

Scope of Work

What Colin wanted to do was create the hot tub inside of the bar he was building.

He was on a really tight schedule, and he had only a couple of weeks before one of his children’s 18th birthday parties. He wanted to create a real party space in his home and he was building an outdoor bar and what he wanted in that bar was a hot tub.

When he got in touch he already had as you can see from some of the pictures the triangular shape of the hot tub in place.

Hot Tub and Bar

Colin also knew exactly what he wanted to do from a heating perspective. He had the gas heating system and he had a friend who was a heating engineer. Perfect combination!

What they were going to do was heat the hot tub through underwater heating so it’s a little unconventional if you like. Again, I love a project that’s not quite straightforward.

Colin knew exactly what he wanted and it was down to me to put the plumbing together so that he could have the jets and the air blower working together with his DIY underground heating system. He already had the heating pipes in place as you can see on the video that accompanies this case study.

The video also shows the copper pipe work on the on the outside of the building. Colin had this connected to the gas heater. A little unconventional as Colin was using a domestic system to heat his hot tub. Normally, I would advise against this, but in Colin’s case, with his heat engineer friend Dermot, they assured me they could get it done.

Having built a bar in my own backyard (on a much smaller scale that Colin’s I hasten to add) this project certainly was very dear to my heart.

Hot Tub and Bar

If you watch the video you can see just how spectacular this build is. Colin is certainly a very skilled gentleman and the finishing touches to his bar looks nothing less than perfect. Something you could quite easily find on the Highstreet – without the Hot Tub I must add!

So there we have it. Certainly one of the more interesting builds that I have been part of. A DIY Pub, with a Hot Tub in a backyard! #backyardgoals right there!

Hot Tub and Bar

Hot Tub and Bar

Hot Tub and Bar

If you have a DIY Hot Tub project that you would like some assistance with, then please do get in touch. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be straight forward. I love a challenge and I love the talented and somewhat “out there” ideas that do come across my desk.

Hot Tub Bar

Happy Hot Tubbin’


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Happy Hot Tubbin’

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