How to Repair a Hot Tub Blower

Hot Tub Blower Repair

There is literally nothing more frustrating than rocking up at your Hot Tub to find that it is not working. You’ve been thinking about it all day, you lift the lid, turn on the jets, switch on the blower and nothing. It’s not working! You’re stood there scratching your head. In most cases, problems with Spa Blowers are easy to fix. In this blog pos we’ll aim to cover some of the potential problems and how to fix them.

Hot Tub Blower Repair

Hot tubs don’t always need help from a professional, often it is something you can do yourself. In fact, it is common practice for Tub owners to do minor repairs themselves and save some money in the process.

What Is a Hot Tub Blower?

This is a blog post on how to repair and replace the blower on your hot tub. Before you embark on this task, it’s helpful to know at least a little bit about what needs to be done – it’s not as complicated as you might think!

The blower in its most basic form blows air around the hot tub tubing and into the tub to create bubbles. In a slightly more in depth sense, the air mixes with the water in the jet bodies to create a stronger more enjoyable jet in the Hot Tub.

So can I repair a blower? It is usually recommended that an air blower be replaced rather than repaired, as it can be more expensive to try and repair it. Hot Tub blowers are inexpensive items so by the time you start to troubleshoot, it is just easier to replace. Time is money as they say.

Hot tub blowers on most hot tubs are either 110V or 230V, depending on the type of hot tub you have. When purchasing replacement parts for your hot tub make sure to purchase the right part that matches its electrical requirements.

Electricity and Water do not mix.

What is absolutely essential is that water does not get into or mix with your air blower. Electricity and water do not mix so you cannot have any water at all in the blower as this will trip your circuit breaker.

If you’re confident in your ability to repair the hot tub, then go for it. However, safety precautions must be taken prior to any project like this – make sure all power is off before removing covers and that everything has been unplugged or disconnected from the electrical outlets.

How to Replace a Hot Tub Blower

hot tub blower repair

The first thing to do is the locate the blower. They come in all shapes and sizes so describing what they look like here will not help. However, it will be located near to the pump. It will not be as big as the pump, it will not be cylindrical like your filter so by elimination, it will be the other one! It will also have some form of a check valve attached to it to stop water flowing back down the air lines straight into the blower.

Once you have located it, you will need to remove the air lines that are connected to it. Most have either a jubilee clip or a threaded nut that can be undone.

Once the lines are removed, the next step is to disconnect it from the Spa Pack. This means opening up the spa pack so please make sure once again that you have disconnected from the mains.

Once you are inside the Spa Pack, there will be a clip and connector that you need to remove. Now, you should be able to remove the blower from its entirety from your Hot Tub.

At this point, if you already haven’t done so, you can check the markings on the blower to make sure that you are going to buy like-for-like as you need to replace the faulty blower with one of the same power.

Install the New Hot Tub Blower

To connect the new Spa Blower to your hot tub is basically the reverse of the process you have just done.

Plug it into the Spa Pack

Close up the Spa Pack making sure not to disturb any of the other cables

Connect the air lines either with the screw connector or the jubilee clip

Then, turn back on the electricity.

Turn on the jets to make sure everything is working

Turn on the blower and you should be back in action.

Turn on the Electricity and Test

The first step to repairing a spa blower is to plug everything back in and turn the power on. The next step is to test your new spa blower by turning on the hot tub. Keep it running for a few minutes, and check for any malfunctions before you finalize the repair process.

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