the only light you need in your diy build

Brought to you by, this super-slim, 35W RGBW colour changing LED pool and hot tub light is the only underwater light source you need for your DIY Build. At just 8mm (0.31″) thin in the centre, and 2-3mm on the outside edge, this underwater LED light has a “barely-there” footprint.

It is also surface mounted for your convenience making the install as easy as can be!

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Super thin hot tub light

“Barely-there” footprint

Say Hello the the thinnest surface mount under water LED on the market!

When you are building that Hot Tub or Pool of your dreams, the last thing you need is a big, clunky, ugly underwater halogen light. Luckily, these are now a thing of the past with our super-slim resin filled 230mm colour changing beauty.

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So thin its barely there, but with 35W of brightness (2800 lumens), this underwater LED packs a punch!

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12V DC Power Supply

Low voltage 12V DC power supply

Barely-There Design

Only 8mm thin, it’s barely-there

IP68 Under Water LED

IP68 rated underwater LED


At 35W, there is some serious power from this super-thin light

Resin filled

Resin-filled for superior water-proofing


Full spectrum of light with Red, Green, Blue and dedicated White LEDs

Dedicated LED Controller & Remote Control

Just connect to a 12V DC power supply (not included) to this unit and the controller will do the rest. Operate the remote control (not waterproof) from 15m /50ft. Have more than one light? No problem. The controllers automatically sync allowing you to change the lights at the same time from a single remote control.


RGBW Controller


RGBW LED Controller


Packaged Dimensions & Weight

26cm x 26cm x 7cm – 1.6kg
10.24″ x 10.24″ x 2.76″ – 5.53lbs

HS Code – 94054090000

Remote Control
Remote Control

Remote Diagram


The only LED Pool Grade Light to be controlled by a Spa Pack!


With the help of the connection kit, this is the only pool grade light that can plug into a spa pack and not blower your fuse! Specifically designed to plug straight into your Spa Pack so you can use the light button on your topside controller, this innovative bit of kit comes as standard with the light.

Light Connection Kit
Light Connection Kit
Swimming Pool Light Connection Kit
Swimming Pool Light Connection Kit


Simultaneous Auto Synchronization LED Controllers will automatically transmit the signal to other controllers simultaneously within a 30m (98ft)range. This allows you to expand the distance between the first and last light to over 100m (328ft). This is twice the size of an Olympic swimming pool!

sync led
sync led



Wiring Diagram

Remote Control Pairing Instructions


Before beginning process, make sure plastic battery protector has been removed. You can check by pressing the power button on the remote control. You should see a red light indicating the remote has power. If not, remove the plastic battery protector and insert battery.

Step 1 – Power On LED Controller from 12V DV Power Supply.

Step 2 – Press the “match” button on the LED Controller

Step 3 – Rapid press the On/Off button until the LED flashes.

Step 3 – Use on/off button to test connection with LED light.

If connection has not been made, power off LED controller at 12V DV supply and repeat process

Please note, to un-pair a Remote Control from the LED controller, power on the LED controller and press and hold down the “Mode” button on the LED Controller for 5 Seconds. This will remove the connection to the Remote Control.

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