Infinity Hot Tub with Swim Jet Takes Shape in Virginia

Have you ever dreamt of soaking in a luxurious hot tub while enjoying a mesmerizing infinity edge that blends seamlessly with the horizon? Well, Doug from Virginia is making that dream a reality by building his very own custom infinity hot tub complete with a built-in swim jet!


Doug got in touch like many of my customers because he knew what he wanted to build but just was not 100% sure on how to do it. He also didn’t want to pay the crazy costs that the pool builders charge for this kind of work.


So, Doug hired me to create a custom design for him. Once complete, I also supplied Doug all of the parts that he needs for the Hot Tub too.


This article / case study is going to follow his progress from start to finish and dives into the initial stages of Doug’s project, and documented on my Buildahottub YouTube channel too.


Buckle up as we explore the intricacies of crafting this backyard oasis.

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The Envisioned Paradise


The centrepiece of Doug’s creation is the infinity edge. This captivating design creates the illusion of water cascading effortlessly over the edge, offering a serene and visually stunning focal point.

Doug's infinity Hot Tub Design
Doug’s infinity Hot Tub Design

To achieve this mesmerizing effect, a hidden balance tank is incorporated. This tank acts as a reservoir, accommodating the displaced water as bathers enter the hot tub, ensuring a perfect balance and that signature overflowing look.


Planning for Perfection


Building an infinity hot tub requires meticulous planning, especially when it comes to the water circulation system. The intricate plumbing that facilitates the flow of water between the balance tank and the hot tub needs to be factored in from the very beginning. Retrofitting such a system later on can be a challenging feat, so getting it right during the design phase is crucial.


Beyond the Dirt: Setting the Foundation


Doug has embarked on the foundational stage of the project – excavation. As with most DIY pool or hot tub endeavours, digging a sizeable hole is a necessary first step. The video below depicts a substantial amount of soil being removed from the designated spot.

Doug's infinity Hot Tub
Doug’s infinity Hot Tub

But what about all that dirt?


Doug had to arrange for a truck to haul away the excavated material – a practical detail to consider when embarking on a similar project.

Doug's infinity Hot Tub
Doug’s infinity Hot Tub

The Journey Continues


The groundwork has been laid, literally! The next stage of Doug’s project will involve pouring the concrete base that will provide a sturdy foundation for his hot tub. You can also see how Doug has placed strategically thr rebar within the excavated area for added reinforcement.


While watching someone dig a hole might not be the most action-packed part of the project, rest assured, things are about to get much more exciting!


Future videos on my channel and in this article promise to delve deeper into the construction process, taking you on a journey as Doug’s dream hot tub transforms from vision to reality.

Doug's infinity Hot Tub
Doug’s infinity Hot Tub

Stay Tuned!

The next stage of the project for Doug is where it starts to get interesting. He is no longer just digging holes, he will begin to see his hot tub dream come to life – it’s the concrete pour.


With all the rebar in place, it is time for Doug to pour the base of his hot tub. Rather than mixing by hand, Doug has decided that he will get the concrete delivered – good call Doug! There is a whopping 15 yards of concrete that are going to need to be delivered.

When you are ordering concrete, you want to ask for 4000 PSI strength. If possible, you can also add fibres and water proofing agent although these do vary from supplier to supplier. What you don’t want added to this mix is air – that is the last thing you want.


Air in your concrete is going to lead to bubbles, holes and potentially leaks – so avoid that one.


The challenge for Doug is that all this concrete needed to be moved by hand, he was not pumping it in. When you do get a concrete delivery like this it is a good idea to rope in as many of your friends with wheel barrows as you can. Normally, you are charged for the concrete but there is also a charge for the waiting time. If it takes you several hours to unload, then you are going to be racking up a bill!

Doug started by pouring the base for the balance tank. Then with that firmly in place, he moved his attention to the rest of the tub. When you are pouring your base you need to have all of the plumbing like the main drains in place before you pour – it is very difficult to add them afterwards.

The level of the concrete should be right up to the lip of the main drains. These should end up being flush with the surface so that the grill sits nicely on top when you are done.


With the base poured, it is now a waiting game, literally, for the concrete to cure. The next stages of this build will be putting up the forms for the interior walls and then adding the plumbing before pouring the walls.

All systems go for Doug and it is coming along really nicely – nice work and thanks for the pics as always!


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