This is the treehouse I built for my kids in my backyard.

A couple of months back I embarked on this Treehouse project. Like you, I began to do my research on the internet to find out how I should go about building the treehouse. What should I be looking for? What mistakes should I be avoiding? I’m no expert here. I’m a competent DIY’er just like you.

If you look at my pictures below, you can see that it is not perfect. It’s pretty darn cool and of course, my kids love it. But, it is not one of these “beautiful” but “impossible-to-build” treehouses that come up if you put the search into Google. It does not look like it belongs on the front of a magazine, or it was made by a super-skilled carpenter (I can tell you it wasn’t as I built it!)

It cost just over $1200 to make and for the amount of fun my kids have had already, it was well worth it!

What I would highly recommend is buying the guide by Michael Prest that I bought for $27. It is packed full of information and the way that Michael explains things makes it so easy to understand. The mistakes that I avoided paid for this guide ten times over and I am really grateful for him sharing his knowledge.

It’s $27. A drop in the ocean to the $500+ you are about to spend on timber alone to build the treehouse of your kids dreams.

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