In this blog post we will look at how we can build a DIY Hot Tub for 5K in your own Backyard. Not possible I hear you say. Well, I’ve done it and here is how I did it.

When I wanted to put a Hot Tub in the back garden, after sizing it up, it was just not going to fit, however hard I tried. Not because of the space, just the fact that there are a few tight corners that even up ended, on its side, with lots of people to help and manoeuvre it, a regular hot tub would just not going to get through. That was not going to stop me getting what I wanted most – a Hot Tub! I needed to build a Hot Tub.

Build a Hot Tub

Build a Hot Tub

The image above is the finished article. It’s fantastic! This website is the culmination of the knowledge that I have acquired along the way that I wanted to share with you all. I’ve put together this guide where I am to cover everything you need to build your own DIY hot tub.

We have high fences so it couldn’t come through a neighbours garden. There is no access from the rear of my property. Having a crane do the job and drop it in apart from looking a bit of a “tool” in front of the neighbours, it wouldn’t actually help either as the tight corners are at the bottom of the garden where I wanted the Tub to go. It was too long for a crane. Being of the mindset that I was not going to let this one go, I had the bright idea that I needed to build my own Hot Tub.

The Hot Tubs that I had been in at Health Clubs or Spa Hotels in the past were not the plastic shell type that you see plastered all over the internet. They were solid, rather like a swimming pool. A hole in the ground a few tiles, I could do that i thought to myself! I knew nothing about building a hot tub so this guide is the culmination of the knowledge that I have acquired along the way in building my hot tub.

From my initial research, there were no “how to” guides on the web. A couple of other DIYers had done it and some had posted a few helpful things, but they didn’t cover everything and left me with questions. Therefore, I thought why not write the definitive guide when I’m done?

So, the catchy title. Yes, it is possible to do. I am testament to this. You can build a high quality Hot Tub for under £5K / $5K. You can also spend a lot more than this too if you wish, but that is totally up to you. In this website we’ll look at all the aspects I considered and of course some that I should have thought about with hindsight. We’ll also look at where you can save money and some of the things I did right and others that I would change if I ever build another one.

Just a final word before we get going. I’m not a builder but a keen DIYer. I keep myself reasonably fit and healthy so, before undertaking a project like this, please make sure you are physically able to do so and please do your research and know your own limits! I wont be held responsible for any injuries or mistakes – this website is for information purposes only so use it at your own peril!