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Above ground hot tub – a must for your backyard! Whether you are looking for a plastic shell tub, and inflatable tub or something brick built that is a little more permanent, we’ll be covering it in this article.

What is an Above ground Hot Tub?

An above ground hot tub is any hot tub that you physically have to step up in order to get into. This really means that any plastic shell tub or inflatable tub that you can buy on the market falls into the category of an above ground hot tub. A bit like a bath I guess!

However, this website focuses on hot tubs that you can build yourself, so the question on your lips I am sure is can I build an above ground hot tub?

Can I build an above ground hot tub?

The answer is a resounding yes on this point. It is totally possible to build an above ground hot tub. I would like to estimate that around one third of the tubs that my customers build are above ground hot tubs. This percentage is even higher if you consider the tubs that are partially above ground and partially below too.

How do your build and Above ground Hot Tub?

There are really two DIY methods that you can use to build and above ground hot tub. I have covered both of these methods in detail on this website already so I will not repeat myself in this blog post.

That said, the two methods are brick built and poured concrete. Both of these methods are suitable for DIYers to build a hot tub in their own backyard. Check out the articles if you are looking for more information. I also have a YouTube video that covers these two types of construction method here. The video also covers the method that the pros use. Worth knowing about, but not something that you are going to attempt yourself.

In ground vs above ground

In ground vs above ground hot tub, what should I be building? This really depends on your personal preference, your location and what space and views you have available.

One of the benefits of an in ground hot tub is that it is less visually pollutive to a backyard. It blends in much better. It can also be a little more private. For me, when I built my own hot tub I opted for an in ground tub.

This was partially because I didn’t want to be sat in my tub “on display” for the neighbours to see. Sunk into the ground, with a small fence around gave me the privacy that I needed.

On the flip side of this, an above ground tub could lift you up to a level where you had a view depending on the layout of your property.

In terms of access, it is easier to “get at” the components of an above ground hot tub. For me with my in ground tub, it is always difficult if I need to service any of the in ground parts.

I think in terms of accessibility, it is a little easier to build an above ground tub. That said, it could prove a challenge to landscape an above ground tub. You also need to make sure that you are covering up your pipework!

In conclusion on this point, there are definitely some points that are easier with an above ground tub but aesthetics and landscaping can be a challenge. Ultimately, it is up to you and your personal preference.

In Ground Pool with Above Ground Hot Tub

In ground pool with an above ground hot tub? Yes please? This pool-tub combo is a winning combination. If you are considering building a hot tub to go with your pool this is the way to do it.

There are a number of considerations with having an in ground pool and an above ground hot tub. I have an article which explains that all in much more detail here. In summary, think about keeping the waters separate, heating them separate how the chemical balance of each should be different. Check out my full article for more information.

Landscape Ideas

Where do I start with landscape ideas? There are so many possibilities here. Would you like to create yourself a tropical style oasis in your backyard? Do you want to create water features and trees to surround you? What about a deck with some sun loungers. I can go on and on here as the possibilities for above ground hot tub landscape ideas are endless.

Like most things when you are designing your own project, the landscaping will be down to personal preference. There are no shortage of ideas on my Pinterest account so do check it out.


The cost of an above ground hot tub is going to be dictated really be the size, number of jets and the finish that you choose. What I can say is that most of my customers can build their own DIY above ground hot tubs for less than $10K all in.

This figure will of course be more if you are using any external contractors for any portion of the build.

Above Ground Hot Tub Plans and Designs

If you are looking for above ground hot tub plans and designs, then you have come to the right place. In my shop, all of the designs are totally suitable for either above ground or in ground hot tub builds.

What is more, they are also suitable for either brick built or poured concrete construction methods.

Visit the shop now to check out the designs

Can I help with your Above Grounds Hot Tub Project?

Can I help with your above ground hot tub project? Do you need some custom designs creating? Do you need some help with the parts supply? If I can help you in any way with your project then please do get in touch below.

Happy Hot Tubbin’

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