DIY Concrete Plunge Pool – by Ben, PA, USA

DIY Concrete Plunge Pool

DIY concrete plunge pool? Oh yes!

Nestled among the picturesque landscapes of Pennsylvania, USA, Ben embarked on an extraordinary DIY journey. Armed with ambition, innovation, and a vision of creating an oasis in his own backyard, he set out to build a one-of-a-kind DIY Concrete Plunge Pool. 

This blog post unfolds the inspiring story of Ben, a passionate DIY enthusiast who turned his backyard dream into a reality. Ben’s vision was to create a space where he could escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, rejuvenate in soothing waters, and bask in the joy of a project he could proudly call his own. His journey, though filled with challenges, exemplifies the true spirit of DIY ingenuity and determination.

Throughout his DIY plunge pool project, he recognized the importance of expert guidance to ensure his creation was not only a source of relaxation but a masterpiece of design and functionality. Ben knew I was on hand to answer any questions he had along the way.

The biggest challenge that us DIYers can face is the anxiety that the project will not work after all the time, money and effort that goes into it. Ben wanted reassurance and basically to use me a sounding board for his ideas. He had a design. He had a plan, he just wanted to make sure that it was going to work!

With my consulting services, he was able to make informed decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and ultimately build a plunge pool that exceeded his expectations.

So, let’s get started with Ben’s journey to and his DIY Concrete plunge pool.

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Starting the Project: Planning and Breaking Ground

Ben’s journey began with meticulous planning. He understood that creating a DIY Concrete Plunge Pool demanded not just ambition but a well-thought-out strategy. Before picking up the tools, he decided to run his project plans by me. I always say this if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Planning is a key element of the design process and if you are thinking about building your own DIY concrete plunge pool then you must have a plan. This is something I can help you with – either with off the shelf plans or a custom design consultancy. 

Ben's Plan
Ben’s Plan

Breaking Ground for the DIY Concrete Plunge Pool

With a solid plan in hand, Ben eagerly moved on to the most exciting part of the project – breaking ground. The process started by excavating the area in his backyard where the plunge pool would soon find its place. Ben carefully marked the boundaries, accounting for both the dimensions of the plunge pool and the additional space needed for the construction process.

As the excavation began, Ben paid close attention to the depth and shape of the hole. It was essential that the floor and walls of his DIY Concrete Plunge Pool were built to precise specifications. A level and well-prepared foundation were crucial to ensure structural integrity and the pool’s overall functionality.

DIY Concrete Plunge Pool
DIY Concrete Plunge Pool

Forming and Pouring the Floor and Walls

With the excavation complete, Ben shifted his focus to forming and pouring the floor and walls of the plunge pool. He used sturdy formwork to shape the concrete, making sure the structure was both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Ben carefully measured and marked the locations for plumbing and other necessary fixtures before pouring the concrete. The floor was the first to take shape, and he ensured it was perfectly level, creating a solid foundation for the rest of the pool.

Form Time

Next came the walls, which were formed and poured in sections. Ben paid close attention to maintaining consistency in thickness and texture. The walls of a DIY Concrete Plunge Pool serve not only a structural purpose but also contribute to its visual appeal, making every step of the process crucial.

As Ben toiled through the forming and pouring phase, he knew that I was on hand with any questions that he had along the way.

DIY Concrete Plunge Pool
DIY Concrete Plunge Pool

Ensuring that every aspect of his DIY Concrete Plunge Pool was meticulously planned, Ben turned his attention to an essential component: the pool plumbing. Before the concrete pour, he skillfully integrated the plumbing system into the walls of the plunge pool. This thoughtful inclusion would not only provide the necessary water circulation and filtration but also allow for the installation of spa jets, ensuring a truly relaxing and invigorating experience. By embedding the plumbing system during this phase, Ben aimed to achieve a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result, where functionality met elegance. With precision and expert guidance, he ensured that every pipe and conduit found its place within the concrete structure, setting the stage for a beautifully designed and efficient plunge pool.





With the floor and walls of his DIY Concrete Plunge Pool successfully poured, Ben was now well on his way to creating a serene oasis in his own backyard. 

A Genius Addition to the DIY Concrete Plunge Pool

One feature of Ben’s DIY Concrete Plunge Pool stands out as truly ingenious – the ‘dog grate.’ Recognizing the importance of pool safety, especially for his beloved canine companion, Ben came up with a clever solution to accommodate his four-legged friend.

The dog grate, a custom creation, serves a dual purpose. It not only enhances the safety of the pool but also makes it accessible to his furry family member. By installing the grate, Ben reduces the pool’s depth in a specific area, ensuring that it’s safe for his dog to jump in and out without any concerns.

Bens Dog Grate
Bens Dog Grate

After successfully completing the structural aspects of his DIY Concrete Plunge Pool, Ben turned his attention to the crucial steps of waterproofing and adding the finishing touches.

The first order of business was to ensure the pool’s longevity and resistance to water penetration. He meticulously waterproofed the concrete, applying a specialized coating that would safeguard the structure from moisture and provide a durable surface.

With this critical task complete, Ben moved on to the aesthetics of his creation. For the pool’s interior, he opted for a combination that would both delight the eye and enhance the functionality. A beautifully tiled waterline added a touch of elegance, elevating the pool’s visual appeal.

The finishing touch was the application of pool paint to the pool’s interior, ensuring a smooth and easily maintainable surface. These final details would not only make the pool visually stunning but also enhance its overall durability and ease of care.

The end result – absolutely fantastic!







In conclusion, Ben’s journey to transform his backyard into a sanctuary of relaxation and leisure through the creation of his DIY Concrete Plunge Pool stands as a testament to the power of vision, determination, and thoughtful design.

Congratulations are in order for Ben, who not only navigated the challenges of construction but also added innovative features like the “dog grate,” showcasing his commitment to safety and inclusivity. Big thank you for all the pictures you have sent through too Ben.

This DIY Concrete Plunge Pool not only fulfills its functional purpose but stands as a picturesque retreat, a testament to the idea that simplicity, when coupled with thoughtful design, can result in a backyard haven that exceeds expectations.

Cheers to Ben for his remarkable achievement in creating a space where serenity meets ingenious functionality. 

Nice job!

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