How To Heat A Hot Tub for FREE

Heat Hot Tub For Free

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Hey Andi here from In this video, we’re going to see how Ben heats his hot tub for free. So let’s go ahead and take a look.

Okay, so the first thing that I’m going to say is it is not with that would fire burner that you probably saw on the cover of this video, so that is definitely not how Ben is heating his hot tub for free.

So how is he heating his hot tub? I hear you ask. Well before we get to that, always a good opportunity you know I was going to get that in there for me to say please do subscribe to the channel. Hit that notification icon to be notified when our videos go live. I do two long form videos just like this every single week, and a whole bunch of shorts – everything on this channel focuses on DIY hot tubs, plunge pools, parts and pretty much everything in between. So Ben is he eating his hot tub for free? How does he do it?

He does it with one of these. So this is a heat exchanger, if you’re not familiar with heat exchangers, the way that they work is you send hot water around the outside of the heat, exchanger, that warms up the plates that are in the center of the heat exchanger.

And you can see the diagram behind me, showing this here, and the water that passes through the center. So the hot water that is circulating around the outside doesn’t mix at all. With the water that passes through the center.

So generally you will use a hot water source to go around the outside, heat up those plates, then the hot tub water or the pool water will flow through the center of the heat exchanger. It absorbs, the heat as it passes through the plates and then it’s returned to the tub as hot water pretty straightforward as a process, but these heat exchanges are absolutely fantastic.

When you look at the output of heat that you get from them, you get way more heat from a Heat exchanger than you do from an electric heater or an air-source heat pump, the the amount of BTUs, the British thermal unit and we even use those in America, as it is the value that we use to measure heat.

It’s so much more from a heat exchanger than it is from some of the other heating options that you have on your tub. So back to Ben’s project. So we’ve established that he’s going to use a heat exchanger well, How is he doing it? And how is he heating for free?

Well, what we did with his system was we actually diverted the coolant from a diesel generator that he uses to generate the electricity for his home. So Ben actually quite remote where he lives, he’s very much off grid so that diesel generator is running all of the time.

There’s always a large amount of heat that’s created as a by product of the generator which is actually cooled with a liquid coolant. So what we were going to do is we were going to harness this liquid coolant, we’re going to divert the liquid coolant through the outside of the heat, exchanger, it’s going to heat up those plates.

We’re going to pipe the water through the center of the heat. Exchanger back to the hot tub of hot water and because that diesel generators run all the time that heat is circulating around the heat exchanger all the time. It’s generating heat all the time. It’s totally free because it’s a byproduct of the generator that he was using anyway.

So hopefully I’m not confused. You too much so far, it’s always better if I hand over to Ben and he can explain his setup and he can explain how is actually done it. Ben over to you!

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Ben, thanks ever so much for taking the time to record that video for me. I’m sure the viewers will be really appreciative and of course, can I help you with a crazy idea that you may have just like been hard for for heating a hot tub? If I can, please do get in touch. Always happy to hear from you in the comments. Get in touch via, don’t forget to like share and subscribe to the channel.

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