Infinity Hot Tub – DIY-built?

DIY Infinity Hot Tub

DIY Infinity Hot Tub? Is this possible? Well, hopefully by the time you get to the end of this case study you will see and learn that it totally is.

Chris from Utah got in touch with me as he knew exactly what he wanted to build. He has even modelled it up in 3D – he just didn’t know how to plumb it in – this is where I came in.

Not all of the consultancy work that I do is a full design, sometimes I’m drafted in to work on the plumbing, or even the structural build too. 

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So back to Chris in Utah and his journey with his DIY Infinity Hot Tub.


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Meet Chris from the picturesque landscapes of Utah, an ordinary individual with an extraordinary vision. His journey into the world of DIY Hot Tubs began like many great endeavors – with a big hole in the ground.

But this wasn’t just any hole; it was the genesis of Chris’s incredible infinity hot tub project. With unwavering determination and a passion, he embarked on a journey that would see a backyard oasis emerge from the earth itself.

From the initial excavation to the intricate details of crafting a mesmerizing infinity edge, Chris’s project is nothing short of inspiring. His story reminds us that with vision, creativity, and a willingness to dig deep, even the most ambitious projects can come to life.

The first step in this ambitious project was laying a solid foundation. To achieve this, Chris meticulously prepared the groundwork by spreading a base layer of crushed aggregate. This aggregate not only provides stability but also ensures proper drainage, a vital consideration for any outdoor hot tub project.

To reinforce the base and ensure it could withstand the test of time, he carefully laid out a network of rebar in a sturdy frame. This rebar framework, strategically positioned within the crushed aggregate base, serves as the backbone of the hot tub’s foundation. It strengthens the concrete structure and minimizes the risk of cracking or settling over time.

With the crushed aggregate base in place and the rebar frame meticulously set, Chris was now ready for the next thrilling chapter of his journey – pouring the concrete base.


small hot tub
small hot tub

After meticulously preparing the foundation, Chris’s journey towards his stunning infinity hot tub took another fascinating turn. With the groundwork securely in place, he moved on to the critical phase of plumbing installation. This involved carefully integrating the through-wall plumbing components, ensuring a seamless connection between the hot tub and the water supply system. Attention to detail at this stage is paramount, as any oversight could lead to future complications – more so when everything is set in concrete!

Once the plumbing was expertly handled, Chris proceeded to shape the sides of his hot tub. For this, he opted to use concrete forms, a choice that would contribute to the remarkable aesthetics of his infinity design. These forms, assembled around the hot tub’s perimeter, served as molds for the impending concrete pour. Chris’s vision was taking shape.

As Chris’s journey to create his magnificent infinity hot tub progressed, the next phase involved addressing the exterior plumbing. With the interior plumbing carefully installed, it was time to ensure a seamless connection between the hot tub’s components and the control room. Exterior plumbing plays a crucial role in enabling the hot tub to function optimally, efficiently circulating water, powering the jets and maintaining the desired temperature.

Chris’s meticulous attention to detail extended to this vital step, ensuring that every aspect of his project was executed with precision. As he continued to navigate the complexities of plumbing, it became increasingly evident that his vision of a backyard oasis was steadily becoming a reality.

To complement the stunning design, Chris expertly added a beautiful decking around the hot tub, creating a space for relaxation and aesthetics. This decking not only enhances the hot tub’s visual appeal but also provides a comfortable and functional area for enjoying the outdoor oasis.

Next, Chris applied a layer of waterproofing to the concrete structure. This protective measure guarantees that his hot tub will stay full of water – the last thing you want is leaks!

With the waterproofing securely in place, the final step was to adorn the hot tub with those exquisite black tiles. These tiles not only add a luxurious touch but also offer durability and easy maintenance. Chris’s meticulous approach to each detail in this phase truly brought his vision to life, transforming his backyard into a captivating sanctuary where form met function in perfect harmony.




Wait for it, and then all that hard work comes together. This is definitely one of the best looking hot tubs that any of my customers have built. It is up there with the best of them for sure. I love the infinity edge and the landscaping, Chris, it is spectacular.

Just one final thank you to Chris for sending me all these pics for me to use on my website and socials 

Fantastic build, great job, well done sir!

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