An Octagon DIY Hot Tub

Octagon Hot Tub

Not every hot tub that I design is square and this one is certainly not – it’s an Octagon Hot Tub!


This is a project I am doing with Marshall over in California USA. Marshall, like a lot of my customers knew exactly what he wanted to build but he was just not really sure about the plumbing side of things.


He has been following my blog and my YouTube Channel for some time but still needed a little “push” in the right direction to feel comfortable in getting started with the project.

This is normal!

Initial Contact


Marshall reached out to me and explained exactly what he was looking to do. He had drawn up the plans (below) and as you can see, they were structurally perfect and the layout was good. What he really needed my help with was the plumbing.

So, Marshall hired me to consult on his plumbing layout and draw it up. What is great about the 3D layouts is you can pretty much follow what has to connect to where – a bit like Lego!


Parts Supply


Marshall also chose to have me supply all the plumbing parts that he needed. In this way not only can I help him with some free consulting on the build, but also, I know that everything he has fits together and if he follows the plan it will work. Moreover, I know all the kit really well so trouble shooting if things don’t quite go to plan is much easier.

Breaking ground


This is where the fun begins. Marhsall and a couple of friends had marked out where the tub was going to go and started to break ground. This tub is going to be an above ground tub so there was not too much digging to be done – just enough to form up a concrete pad for the tub to be built on.

With the ground clear, it was time for Marshall and the team to add the rebar structure for the concrete. This gives it strength. You can also see that the rebar does not sit on the ground, it is lifted up so that it ends up in the middle of the concrete.


Next, it was time to pour some concrete. Marshall and the team are mixing this by hand but they made light work of it.


This tub is going to have the walls formed with concrete so the next stage is to create the forms which are really a large wooden mould into which they would be pouring concrete.

You can see on the image above that they have also added som insulation inside and the plumbing too – well, the through wall plumbing.

Next stage was to then pour the walls. After the concrete had been cured – this is normally 5-7 days the forms are removed and wow – how good does this look already!


And….that view


The next stage for Marshall’s Octagon hot tub is to work on the interior – you can see the seats are starting to go in here.


This is a ongoing project – please do check back soon for the latest updates!

Can I Help You?

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Thanks - Andi


Hi, Andi here. I own and also write all of the articles and info pages on the site. Some years back now, I built my own hot tub but struggled to find the information I needed. So, once my tub was complete, I started this website to help others in their own pursuit of hot tub and plunge pools DIY building information.

Today, I've helped over 1000 DIY customers just like you all over the world build hot tubs and pools. Have a good look around the site, there are lots of resources here. Please do get in touch if I can help you. - Cheers, Andi

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