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I had the pleasure of meeting the Gecko support a couple of weeks back week. The first thing that I said to them was that I don’t supply enough of their kit to my customers. I guess just as we all have a “go to” drink at the bar, I tend to have a “go to” set of kit for my specifications and hot tub designs.

I told them that I needed to address this balance!

Given that Gecko is arguable the largest supplier of Spa Packs and topside controls to plastic shell hot tub manufacturers, I thought that it was only right that I checked out their latest product offerings.

What did I find? They have some really cool stuff on the way!

Not only did I have the pleasure of meeting Bernard and Nick, they also very kindly recorded some video footage for my YouTube Channel. Nick gives us an Introduction to Gecko and why my customers should be considering their kit over some of the other brands on the market. Then Bernard walks us through three of the new products they have for 2022.

Firstly, let’s hear from Nick why we should be looking at Gecko to put in our DIY Hot Tubs.

Gecko FLX.GO Control Pad

We are all used to topside controls. They are the buttons that turn our hot tubs on and off. They help us set the temperature, power the jets and control the blower. They come in all different shapes and forms and until now, if I was not a physical keypad, it was an expensive touchscreen.

Enter the FLX.GO from Gecko.

Not only is the FLX.GO a circular keypad, where you are turning the dial to select the option that you want to change on your hot tub. Not only is this a high-resolution keypad that looks absolutely stunning with a beautiful graphical display.

For the first time, Gecko have launched a topside control that is designed to go face in rather than face up. This means that integrating this topside into our own hot tub is easier than ever and it can go inside the top facing the water.

This is a particularly cool feature, and it is certainly going to give the plastic shell hot tub designers food for thought.

The convenience of not having to reach out of the tub to turn on the jets I think is going to be huge. I think we are going to see some really cool designs coming from the plastic shell hot tubs.

For us DIYers, there are some pretty cool options too. The fact that you can combine multiple FLX.GO units and display different information on them will be particularly interesting.

If you are building a larger tub for example, you can have a couple of units, one at each end. Makes life so much easier.

According to www.geckokeypads.com, “ With Gecko’s unique Turn-N-Press technology, it has never been easier to control a hot tub

The new flx.go is not only the most distinctive keypad, it’s also a convenient new way to control hot tubs that will please every spa user. Its dial ring works perfectly under all conditions, even with wet fingers. Whatever the size of your hands, navigation and selection is easy, and you’ll always have a clear view of the screen, with pictograms that can be easily seen by users of all ages.”

Gecko Alliance In.YE V3 Spa Pack

Available on the market now, the InYe V3 has been designed with the hot tub engineer in mind. This is perfect for us DIYers as everything that we like to tinker with is really accessible.

Let’s see what Bernard has to say about the unit

Gecko Alliance Spa Pack – in.ye-3 in.ye.v3 – in this video I will take a look at this new Spa Pack for 2022.

The in.ye is the perfect solution to bring your spas to the next level.

Universal fit

With their relays and their small footprint, Y series platforms were designed to fit in and to easily be installed, powered and connected to pumps and accessories of spas of all sizes and configurations, from simple entry level hot tubs to complex swim spa systems,Y series control systems meet all requirements.

Immediate boost

Y series boasts impressive features and the most advanced technology in convivial, reliable, safe and long-lasting control systems that benefit all spa users. Designed to deliver optimal performance and to provide total control at the users fingertips, Y series gives spa owners the immediate satisfaction of getting a lot more than what they expected from their spas.

Future expandability

Y series control systems open up on value-added features that increase the quality of users spa experience with plug and play addition of accessories and peripherals such as wireless control for mobile devices, water sanitation, audio streaming, auxiliary keypads and much more. in.ye control systems open up to the addition of wireless control from mobile devices, water sanitization, audio streaming and more to increase the quality of the spa experience. With its new terminal block, onboard AMP connectors and an evolved cable strain relief system, it has never been easier to connect your accessories to a control box! We’ve also added a pathway to connected accessories with faster communication.

Compatible keypads:

k-19, k-35, in.k200, in.k600 k-4, k-8, in.k450, in.k300 in.k500, in.k800, in.k1000 Additional Information Each pack supports a keypad, heater, a 12v AC light and configurable relays. Configurable relays (3, 5 or 7 depending on model) Solid-state water flow detection: No pressure switch to adjust IPX5 rated waterproof design Preloaded configuration allows fast and easy installation in.touch WI-FI module compatible Connector: AMP, Quick Connect, JJM adaptor available Supports 1, 2 and 3 phase input power Standard 3kW, 2″ x 15″ flow thru heater Temperature probe is built into the heater Freeze & Overheat protection Self-Diagnostic Programmable filter cycles Corrosion-free enclosure

Gecko Alliance – Maelstrom VMS-1 Hot Tub Pump.

In this video we will have Bernard from Gecko Alliance talk to us about the new Maelstrom VMS pump from Gecko. What is interesting is this pump is a variable speed pump and the Maelstrom VMS-1 can provide its own massaging function, whilst being super quiet and can also help to reduce running costs.

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