Backyard DIY Hot Tub – The Shopping list

You’ve probably stumbled upon my website as you are keen to build your own Hot Tub. As I have mentioned in the detailed “How To” that I created, there was lots that I was not sure of when I began the process. Now, not wanting to blow my own trumpet, I am much more informed, somewhat of an “expert”, perhaps, in all things Hot Tub.

In this week’s blog post, I thought that I would draw up a shopping list of what you need to build your own Hot Tub. I’ve made this super-easy for you, and I’ve even included some of the links to the shops for the parts that you need.

If you need more information on How To Build a Hot Tub, read this article. This post is all about what you need to buy.



OK, so you have to dig a big hole in your backyard so you can eventually fill it with water. You are going to need the following.

  • A Spade
  • A Wheelbarrow
  • Hire A JCB Digger (this is the least back-breaking option)
  • Somewhere to dispose of the earth you are going to remove

Then you have to dig the hole to the size that you want.

The next thing you are going to need to do is line your hole. You can do this with a pond or swimming pool liner. We have loads of these available in our shop so you can check them out – they are actually cheaper than Amazon!

Once you have lined the Tub, it’s time to start with some blocks.


My “DIY Hot Tub” Guide goes into much more detail. This post was about making it super easy to source the parts that you need for your home made Hot Tub.

You are going to need blocks, cinder blocks and depending on the size of your tub, I am guessing 70-100 for a medium to large tub. Mine was 100 FYI.

You are going to need some cement, lots of bags of it. You should also hire a cement mixer as it is much easier than mixing by hand (I am testament to this!)

So, head off to the hardware store at this point, get yourself the blocks and cement and start building the walls for your tub. Backfilling and adding any steps that you want. Design is key. Planning is a must.


Plumbing is the tricky bit. It depends on size, numbers of jets etc etc. You do need to do some planning here to make sure everything works. However, here is a list for you and some links to help you on your way.

These guys have a huge amount of stock so are worth checking out.

  • 2 Speed Pump (so you dont need a separate circulation one) The pump on the link is an absolute beauty. 5HP is some serious power!
  • 2 Stop cocks (to isolate your system for draining)
  • 2.5″ Pipe – length depends on size of your tub and the amount of jets.
  • 2.5″ T pieces – however many you need
  • 2.5″ Elbows – however many you need
  • 2.5″ couplers – However many you need
  • Pipe Cement (this is like glue to stick the parts together)
  • Gunite Bodies (this is for the jets so needs to be the total number you need)
  • Jets (matching the number of Gunite Bodies)
  • Blower – this gives you extra power in the jets (don’t bother with a heated one, not worth it)
  • Check Valve – stops water getting into your blower.
  • 2″ pipe – however much you need
  • 2″ T pieces – however many you need
  • 2″ Elbows – however many you need
  • 2″ couplers – However many you need
  • Skimmer – depends on the size of your tub. Go for a swimming pool one, they are cheaper.
  • Filter & cartridge, depends on the size of your tub
  • Spa Pack – whole host of options here – something like this is quite good.

Tiles & Adhesive

The tiles that you choose need to be waterproof, suitable for floors and walls (idearly wet rooms or swimming pools). It goes without saying that you need to have enough to cover your tub so calculate the area you need.

Adhesive & Grout – this must be swimming pool waterproof grade stuff. Not what you are using in your kitchen for example. I can’t stress this enough.

Hot Tub Cover

Investing in a good cover is going to save you money in the long run on your bills. Don’t go cheap. These guys do an excellent job in the USA and come highly recommended.

Chemical Maintenance

Now that you have spent all your hard-earned money building your Hot Tub, you need to keep it looking nice. The key to keeping your water clear and disease free comes down to the sanitation method that you choose to employ. Here are some links to pick up your chemicals.

  • Chlorine / Bromine
  • PH+
  • PH-
  • TA+
  • Clarifier
  • Filter Cleaner
  • Shock
  • Ozidizer

Thanks for reading – Happy Tubbing!

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