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This blog covers everything you need to know about building your own DIY Hot Tub. From planning to plumbing, I cover it all.

How to Avoid Mistakes When Using Contractors to Build Your Hot Tub

General Contractor Hot Tub

Getting a General Contractor built hot tub may sound like a good alternative for some of us. We don’t all have the time or the skills to actually do it ourselves. However, sometimes things can go wrong. In this article I will hope to give you some guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls of using general contractors to build your dream hot tubs.

Do I need a Permit for My Hot Tub?

Hot Tub Permit

The short answer is that it depends. Not the most helpful (yet) thing you have read but please do read on. It does depend on where you are located. If you are located in the UK for example, then no, you do not need a permit for a hot tub. You are able to build tubs and pools without a permit or planning permission as it is called over there.

Spa Pool Combo – Backyard ideas, design considerations and more…

Spa Pool Combo

A Spa Pool Combo, as the name suggests, is a combination of a Spa, Jacuzzi or Hot Tub combined with a swimming pool. Having a Spa Pool combo in your backyard is the ultimate relaxation zone. Somewhere to unwind after a long stressful day. It is also serious #backyardgoals and in this article, I am going explore all things Spa Pool related.

DIY Hot Tub Construction

DIY Hot Tub Construction was something I was struggling finding information about. was established as I could not find the information I needed as a DIY Hot Tub builder myself. I searched the internet and was looking for information on how to perfect my skills and build that perfect tub. I researched everything from building spas, to hot tubs, to swim spas, to plunge pools, but I just could not find the information that I needed.