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This blog covers everything you need to know about building your own DIY Hot Tub. From planning to plumbing, I cover it all.

DIY Hot Tub Construction

DIY Hot Tub Construction was something I was struggling finding information about. was established as I could not find the information I needed as a DIY Hot Tub builder myself. I searched the internet and was looking for information on how to perfect my skills and build that perfect tub. I researched everything from building spas, to hot tubs, to swim spas, to plunge pools, but I just could not find the information that I needed.

The Importance of Control Room Position for your DIY Hot Tub

Control Room Location

When you are thinking about your DIY Hot Tub, the control room placement is kind of key. In this article, we will examine the variables that can effect the control room position and ultimately the functionality of your tub.

Ultimate Guide to the Hot Tub Air Blower

Hot Tub Air Blower

A Hot Tub should be, as the name suggest, hot. However, most of us also have a picture of a hit tub with lots of bubbles coming from the jets. Where do these bubbles come from? Simple, the Hot Tub Air Blower. In this blog post we will take a look at all things Air Blower related.

Should I use a Cartridge Filter or a Sand Filter in my Hot Tub?

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters and sand filters are two of the most popular methods for filtering water in a hot tub. There is no right answer to whether you should use one or the other, but there are some important differences between them that you should be aware of before making your choice: