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Why Pool and Hot Tub Plumbing Should Remain Separate

Pool and Hot Tub Plumbing

I get asked an awful lot about combining pool and hot tub plumbing kit. In this article I hope to highlight some of the problems you will face if you do try and combine them. I will also highlight some of the areas where it is possible to combine parts.

Spool Pool – a DIYers Guide to building one

Spool Pool

At its most basic, a spool pool is a small swimming pool. It is a swimming pool in every way apart from its size. It is much smaller than your regular pool. So where does the the term spool pool come from. Well, the main difference is that you are not going to be doing laps in your pool. You are more likely to be relaxing with a drink in your hand.

Hot Tub Pool Combo – DIY Design Considerations

Hot Tub Pool Combos are popular at hotels and resorts. So the question is, can we actually build these ourselves in our backyards? The simple answer is yes, you can build a hot tub pool combo in your back yard but there are a number of things you need to consider.

ULTIMATE Guide to building a DIY Plunge Pool

Plunge Pool DIY

Having a DIY plunge pool in your back yard doesn’t get any better in those hot summer months! Did you know however, that they are easier to build than you think? In this article we are going to look at all the different variables you are going to need to consider to build your ultimate DIY plunge pool. Don’t worry, as I have already said it is easier than you think.