Hot Tub Pool Combo – DIY Design Considerations

Hot Tub Pool Combos are popular at hotels and resorts. So the question is, can we actually build these ourselves in our backyards? The simple answer is yes, you can build a hot tub pool combo in your back yard but there are a number of things you need to consider.

In this article, we will look at the key designs elements for designing and building a hot tub pool combo.

Hot Tub Pool Combo Layouts

Let’s face it, it does not get much better than having a hot tub and pool combo in your backyard. So, what are the fist things that we need to consider. Shape is definitely a consideration. It is much easier to build square and rectangular pools and hot tubs, but kidney shaped pools with cylindrical hot tubs look so cool.

You do need to decide on a layout but you also need to make sure that you can actually build it! For example, being able to lay bricks to create a cylindrical tub is a skill for sure! Not something you are going to try on your first rodeo.

Water Flow

Once you have decided on your layout for your hot tub pool combo, the next step is really to decide how the water is going to flow. What do I mean by this? Well, is the water going to overflow from the hot tub into the pool? If so, there are some different considerations and certainly different plumbing than if the waters are kept separately.

Think of it like this. We will look specifically at the heating in the section below, but if you want to overflow your water from the hot tub into the pool, how are you going to do it.

If you have a return line from your pool to your hot tub and you want to have different temperatures, you are potentially filling your hot tub with cold pool water – Counter productive for sure.

One consideration is that you can keep the waters totally separate and have a water feature or water fall that makes it look as if you have an overflow into the pool.

If you are going to overflow, then you really need to consider the heating implications of this. It makes heating the hot tub portion of your combo a little more challenging, especially where the returns are concerned.

Heating Considerations for your Hot Tub and Pool Combo

How do you plan on heating your hot tub and pool combo? Together? Independently? This is a big decision that you are going to have to make.

Generally, you are going to need a separate heater for your hot tub and your pool. Whilst it is possible to get some of the propane or gas heaters with separate sections ie they are designed to have a hot tub at one temperature and a pool at another, these are much more expensive to buy initially.

You need to decide from the planning stage, exactly how you are going to heat your pool and hot tub combo.

One option for example could be to have a regular pool heater that you can divert to heat the hot tub if you wanted to raise that to 102F/39C – you can set up you plumbing in a way with a series of either manual gate valves or solenoid valves to control the flow.

The other option is that you have independent heaters. You pool could be run on gas, propane or air source, then you can have a regular spa pack with an electric heater on your tub.

There are many different ways of achieving the same thing here for your pool and hot tub combo, but what is certain is that you need to have a clear vision of how this will work and be heated in the first instance.

If you are not sure, then let’s have a chat about it. I can certainly help you design the plumbing for any of the above scenarios.

Chemical Considerations

Another thing you have to think about with your hot tub and pool combo is the chemicals. Traditionally, the chemicals for a hot tub in terms of the concentrations and levels are much higher than that of a pool.

So, you’ve probably guessed that if you are heating them independently and keeping the water separate, then you will need to maintain two different levels of chemicals in order to keep you water clean, clear and safe.

If you are overflowing into your pool, then the chances are you will just run with one level of chemicals, probably set for the pool, throughout.

Can I help you with your hot tub and pool combo?

I can certainly help you with your hot tub and pool combo design. Getting the design right from the start is key to any successful project and this will be no different.

The key here as I see it is the plumbing layouts and working out exactly how you want it to function.

Everything is possible, we just have to plan and design for it accordingly.

Please do get in touch if you would like my help with the design.

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