Comfortline Heat Pump Review

I chose the Comfortline Heat Pump for my own DIY Hot Tub. I have also supplied this unit to customers too. In this article, I will review the specifications as well as tell you the good and the bad about the unit.

What is the Comfortline Heat Pump?

Firstly, this is the model that I selected for my own DIY Hot Tub. Check it out here. You can read more about how I added it to my hot tub on this page.

The Comfortline Heat Pump is powered by DC inverter compressor, it can adjust heating capacity from 20% to 100% intelligently according to different heating demands.

When season starts and heating demand is high, the Inverter Comfortline runs at 100% compressor & fan speed for fast heating. When maintaining the pool temperature, the Comfortline Heat Pump runs at low speed for energy saving with higher COP (Coefficient of Performance)

Heat Pump Features

  • Steel Body.
  • GMMC AC Inverter Compressor.
  • Simple to use control panel gives an easy, informative user interface.
  • Silence mode for night time running, even quieter.
  • Auto Defrost, allowing the unit to be run down to 0 degrees.
  • With 30% greater surface area on the Titanium Spiral heat exchanger & HP Booster Technology the Aqua-Inverter Mini is at least 20% more efficient than a standard heat pump.
  • Comes with 1.5″ female plain socket
  • Salt Water Safe –  up to 3.5% : 35g in 1000g water
  • Fully variable compressor and a stepped variable fan.

Manufacturer’s Warranty – Parts only after 12 months

Heat Exchanger – 5 Years

Compressor – 2 Years

All other parts – 2 Years

Casing – 2 years

How Efficient is the Comfortline Heat Pump?

The Comfortline Heat Pump has an AVERAGE COP of 9 at Air 26°C/ Water 26°C/ Humidity 80%, which means 1kW electricity consumption can provide up to 9kW heat in return. While On/Off heat pump  can only provide 5kW heat as its COP is just around 5.

Comfortline Heat Pump

How Quiet is the Comfortline Heat Pump?

Thanks to quiet DC inverter compressor, low-speed running of the compressor & fan motor, the Comfortline Heat Pump can offer you super quiet operation by 7dB(A) lower sound pressure at AVERAGE 50% capacity.

Comfortline Heat Pump

What are the Other Advantages of the Comfortline Heat Pump?

The unit has a spiral titanium heat changes which can enlarge the heating surface by 30% when compared to a normal heat exchanger.

There is a HP booster inside of the unit adding an extra 20% to the COP and the unit is also able to defrost itself down to zero centigrade.

Comfortline Heat Pump

What about “All Season” Use?

In my opinion, this has become somewhat of a marketing term. The Comfortline is rated to 0C or 32F – what does this mean? It means that the manufacturer can guarantee the COPs that it is stating are reachable at these temperatures?

So what happens if the temperature drops below this? Well, it is certainly not a case that the heat pump will just stop working. What will happen is that the efficiency will drop – but that is the case of any heat pump, even if they are rated to -15C!

For me, this was not something I was bothered about in the slightest when I made my decision of what heat pump to purchase for my own tub. Remember, I have access to all the models sold and I chose this one!

What are the Specifications of the Comfortline Invertor Heat Pump?

Comfortline Heat Pump

What is my Verdict?

For me, the cost savings that I have made with this model (I have the 20KW model) have been huge – 66% cheaper on my Hot Tub running costs and 8x faster on the heat up times versus my old 3KW electric heater.

I love the simplicity of the unit. The simple controls, the almost lack of complicated features means it is a case of turning it on and setting a temperature, that is all.

If anything, WIFI would be a “nice-have” rather than a “must have”. This is only because of the way I am controlling my own unit using a relay system rather than directly from the spa pack. I have a complicated setup which is not what most people will have. Withe the circulation pump turning on during the filter cycles, if the heat pump is not set at the same temperature as the Spa Pack, then it will kick in and begin to heat the tub.

If I have manually set the temperature to the same as the pack, then of course, this does not happen. It would be nice to do this over WIFI but really, for me, the cost difference for a unit with WIFI was a lot for the same sized KWH output.

For the price, I think you will struggle to find a better unit.

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