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Pallet Hot Tub

I am not sure what the fascination with “up-cycling” pallets is at the moment? That said, when I was researching some topics to write about on the Blog this week, I came across a novel idea that I hadn’t seen before – a pallet Hot Tub. Good idea? Bad Idea? Well, read on and you will find out.


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that it started out as being a set of instructions on how to build you own hot tub. I’ve branched out and cover everything now from maintenance to covers and chemicals as time has gone on. All the fun stuff that is involved in maintaining your hot tub I cover.

So, back to topic, what is a Pallet Hot Tub?

After searching around the internet, I found a pretty comprehensive article on about a chap that had built his own “pallet Hot Tub” 

I would have to agree. However, let’s take a look at things in a bit more detail and we are going to discover the reality of this en fad up-cycle.

What is a Pallet Hot Tub actually made of?

Seems an odd question right? Surely the clue is in the name. Well, after a little more research, I guess plastic container hot tub with pallet cladding is not quite as appealing. However, this is how it is made.

This image again from clearly shows that the main component of this “hot tub” in indeed a 1000l IBL water holder. Ok, so this is shock number 1. The pallet hot tub is really a water tank hot tub, I guess a little smaller than the stock tank tubs that we explored in a previous article.

So how is a Pallet Hot Tub made?

We have established that our pallet hot tub, really refers to the cladding on the outside of the plastic IBL water holder. So really, it is not a pallet hot tub!

Taken from the same article, the pallets above are simply used to give the plastic water holder a bit of rigidity. So where does the Hot Water and bubbles come from? This was the second surprise for me. They are actually coming from an inflatable hot tub!

What do I mean by this as there is clearly no inflatable hot hub here. You can see in the image above that the filter and the pump are very similar to those that come with a Bestway inflatable hot tub!

I’m all for not re-inventing the wheel, but the cost of this is going to be more than one of the inflatable tubs that we have looked at before. It is also going to be a lot smaller too! Why on Earth would you want to build one of these? There is a cheaper, off the shelf alternative that already exist.

What is the conclusion on Pallet Hot Tubs?

The conclusion on pallet hot tubs is quite simple. In the first instance, they are not pallet hot tubs! In the second instance, this is up-cycling gone mad as a cheaper off the shelf alternative in inflatable hot tubs already exists. And lastly, you still need the plumbing parts from an inflatable hot tub to run a pallet hot tub.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being really worth it, this is very much a negative 3! Total waste of time!

What are the alternatives to a Pallet Hot Tub?

I think it would be unfair to say that you should just go and buy a regular plastic shell Hot Tub as they are 10x the cost of this. However, I would definitely say that you should just go and buy an inflatable Hot Tub. Cheaper, bigger, portable the list of benefits goes on.

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The other alternative, would be to look at a larger stock tank hot tub. Whilst our review was a little scathing, I would say that they are so much better than this falsely named pallet hot tub!

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Thanks for reading!

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