5 DIY Hot Tub Building Trends for 2023

DIY Hot Tub Building Trends for 2023

DIY Hot Tub building Trends for 2023 – what are they? If you are planning a DIY Hot Tub this year, then read on! In this article, I will cover some of the trends that I have seen over the last few months leading into 2023. I’ll also cover the features and factors that people are talking to me most about when they are designing their DIY Hot Tubs.


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DIY Hot Tub Building Trend #1 for 2023 – Heating


With the energy price hikes that we have seen over the last 12 months; I am sure that it comes as no surprise that “heating of a hot tub” has to be the number one trend for 2023.


It is pretty much the first thing that comes up in a conversation when I am talking with a customer about a design. What is the best way to heat my hot tub? What is the cheapest way to heat my hot tub? These are questions that I get asked time and time again.


Certainly, for me over the last 12 months I have put a lot of emphasis on Air Source Heat Pumps. Whilst I know they are not for everyone and certainly my USA-based customers seem to be less keen on them, over in Europe I don’t remember a build that I haven’t included one on! Running on electricity alone does not seem an options for the Europeans at present although in the USA it is still a popular way of heating a hot tub.


I’m also seeing that more and more people are looking for multiple heating sources and solar keeps cropping up too. I am yet to see a good solar system that works well, but I do know of a number of customers that are generating the electricity that they need to power their air source heat pumps from solar.


It still costs a small fortune to get enough panels to do this, but when done successfully, the running of the hot tub is “practically free” as long as you ignore the 1000s of £/$ that you have spent on getting the panels on your roof in the first place.

DIY Hot Tub Building Trend #2 for 2023 – Insulation


I think that insulation really ties into the cost of living crisis we are seeing at present and high energy prices. Customers are asking about the best way to insulate their DIY Hot Tubs all with the aim of keeping those running costs down.


This is one of the reasons that I have launched the TubBlox Kits for 2023. TubBlox are an ICF Block that you can use for your DIY Hot Tubs and plunge pools. With the insulation being an integral part of the structure, this is a win-win for DIYers. Especially when you think about the ease at which this kind of building material goes together.


It really is like Lego for adults! However, the most important part is that they do have good R values, arguably much better than adding separate PIR boards to your blockwork or concrete forms.

DIY Hot Tub Building Trend #3 for 2023 – Multipurpose


Multipurpose “spaces” are certainly something that I am seeing as a trend in DIY Hot Tubs for 2023. By multipurpose I mean not only being a hot tub, but can also be a plunge pool or have a swim jet included in them so that it is a swim spa too.


Customers are looking to maximise the usage of the hot tub that they are building so are wanting it to serve several different purposes at once. Whilst there is not real difference with a plunge pool and a big hot tub, creating a swim spa does take a little bit more work as there are some minimum dimensions involved and the seating arrangement also needs to be tweaked.



DIY Hot Tub Building Trend #4 for 2023 – Size


The trend that I am seeing for Hot Tub building in 2023 is most customers seem to be going bigger. Again, I think this ties into a previous trend that I have mentioned which is the multi-use side of things. With a larger hot tub, you have the options for more additional uses I guess.


Whereas in the past, it would be quite common for a 6’ x 6’ or 7’x7’ – I now think that the most popular sizes are 8’ and larger.


DIY Hot Tub Building Trend #5 for 2023 – Salt Systems


I’ve been asked more and more recently for “salt systems”. Not sure why there is a sudden change in people’s tact to chemicals – but salt systems seem to be increasing in popularity.


Most of the customers that I have asked about their reasoning have stated that it is the way the salt system feels on their skin and also that the smell of Chlorine can be off putting. I get it for sure – although I can’t see me moving away from my chlorine based tub at any point in the not too distant future.


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