DIY Hot Tub Kit

DIY Hot Tub Kits

If you are looking for a DIY Hot Tub Kit, the chances are you are looking to build your own hot tub. Well, you have come to the right place.

This blog and my YouTube Channel are all about DIY Hot Tubs. I built my own DIY Hot Tub and now I help other DIYers like you do this same. At time of writing I have helped over 500 people with my plans, designs and parts.

In this article, I will look at everything you need to consider before you purchase a DIY Hot Tub Kit.

What Type of Hot Tub are you planning to build?

The first thing you are most definitely going to need to decide is the type of hot tub you are planning to build. Why I hear you ask? It is quite simple. Different materials and types of hot tub require different parts.

For example, if you are looking to build a stock tank hot tub using a metal or plastic stock tank (or animal feeder) then you are going to need very different parts than if you are building a cinder block or poured concrete hot tub.

The jets and the parts (outside of the control room) are just not interchangeable. You are not going to be using Gunite bodies on your stock tank hot tub – they just don’t fit. Likewise, you absolutely need Gunite bodies if you are going to be building in block, concrete or ICF block.

Once you know the type of hot tub you are planning to build, then you can go about getting a kit for it. I can certainly help!

Stock Tank Plumbing Kits
Stock Tank Plumbing Kits

What Features are you looking for in your DIY Hot Tub?

The features that you are going to have in your DIY Hot Tub are going to affect what DIY Hot Tub kit you are going to need. For example – if you are just looking for a soaking tub with heat and filtration, then you are not going to want to purchase a kit that has jets. Pretty straight forward right?

Also, if you are looking to have some kind of a water feature like a waterfall, then you are not going to put that on the same pump as your jets – you never do. Therefore, you are going to need to have an additional pump in the mix.

These are all things I can certainly help you with. Get in touch through the form at the bottom of the page. More often than not, you need a custom DIY Hot Tub Kit to fit your project. Afterall, if you are building your own hot tub then you would it to be unique and fit your needs – there is no reason that you have to be the same as everyone else.

Have you got a plan for the DIY Hot Tub you plan to build?

Having all the gear and no idea is certainly where you don’t want to be with your DIY Hot Tub kit. All of the Kits that I supply come with a plan too. They are clear 3D drawings that explain exactly how things go together. You can clearly see so it makes the plumbing a little more “Lego like” and removes all the guesswork.

Furthermore, I also include a helpful document that has lots of “tips and tricks” for building your od DIY Hot Tub.

I guess the most important thing about a DIY Hot Tub kit is that you know you have the right parts. You also know that if you follow the guides and the plumbing drawings that then probability of your hot tub working in the end is high. They are tried and tested so you can sleep easy at night that you have not wasted your money on kit that is not actually going to do what you thought it would.

Furthermore, if I supply the kit then I am on hand should you have any questions and believe me, you will.

What parts do you need in your DIY Hot Tub Kit?

The parts that you are going to need really depend on the type of hot tub you are going to build. The kits that I sell are not enabling you to create a cheap and cheerful hot tub – they are proper parts that are used in tubs costs upwards of $10K.

Most hot tubs will have sun inward suction drains, a pump, a filter, a spa pack and a heater. If you are having jets, then you will have some jets that will be in the tub. If not, you will be using swimming pool returns in order to get the hot water back into the tub and circulating.

I guess the take away from this, as I have mentioned already is that you know that the parts you are getting in the kit are fit for purpose and when put together correctly are going to work!

Stock Tank Plumbing Kits

What are the benefits of a DIY Hot Tub Kit?

I think the benefits of a DIY Hot Tub kit can be summarised below as

  • They are the right parts for the job
  • They come with a design and a plan
  • You have someone on the other end of the phone that can help if you get stuck

Why should I use a DIY Hot Tub Kit?

Using a DIY Hot Tub Kit offers several advantages for individuals interested in creating their hot tub experience. Here are some reasons why you might consider using a DIY Hot Tub Kit:

  1. Customization: DIY Hot Tub Kits often come with various customization options, allowing you to choose the size, shape, and features that best suit your preferences. You can tailor the design to fit your available space and desired style.

  2. Cost Savings: Building your hot tub using a kit can be more cost-effective than purchasing a pre-made hot tub. By handling the construction yourself, you can save on labor costs.

  3. Learning Experience: DIY projects are an excellent way to learn new skills and gain a deeper understanding of hot tub mechanics. It can be a rewarding and educational experience.

  4. Satisfaction of Building: Many people find satisfaction in building something with their own hands. Completing a DIY hot tub project can be a source of pride and accomplishment.

  5. Tailored Features: With a DIY Hot Tub Kit, you can select the features you want, such as specific jets, lighting, or heating options. This allows you to create a hot tub that caters to your unique relaxation and therapeutic needs.

  6. Choice of Materials: DIY kits often provide choices for materials, allowing you to select the type of wood, shell material, and other components that match your preferences.

  7. Control Over Quality: When you build a hot tub from a kit, you have control over the quality of the materials and components you use. This can lead to a more durable and longer-lasting hot tub.

  8. Design Flexibility: DIY kits are versatile and can be adapted to various settings and landscaping designs. You have the flexibility to integrate your hot tub seamlessly into your outdoor space.

  9. Understanding Maintenance: By constructing the hot tub yourself, you gain insights into its maintenance and repair requirements, making it easier to perform routine upkeep and troubleshoot issues.

  10. Sustainability: You can choose environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient components to build a more sustainable hot tub, which aligns with your eco-conscious values.

  11. Project Timeline: While building a hot tub may take some time, it allows you to work at your own pace and fit the project into your schedule.

  12. Unique Design: Your DIY hot tub can be a unique and one-of-a-kind addition to your property, showcasing your personal style and preferences.

It’s important to note that building a hot tub from a kit requires careful planning, construction skills, and adherence to local building codes and safety standards. I’m here if you nee any help along the way.

Building your own DIY Hot Tub is a fantastic project and is certainly one of the most rewarding. The best possible compliment you can get is when one of your friends say did you buy that in a store….Its awesome

Happy Hot Tubbin’

Can I Help You?

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Thanks - Andi


Hi, Andi here. I own and also write all of the articles and info pages on the site. Some years back now, I built my own hot tub but struggled to find the information I needed. So, once my tub was complete, I started this website to help others in their own pursuit of hot tub and plunge pools DIY building information.

Today, I've helped over 1000 DIY customers just like you all over the world build hot tubs and pools. Have a good look around the site, there are lots of resources here. Please do get in touch if I can help you. - Cheers, Andi

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