DIY Pool and Hot Tub – Cameroon, Africa

I love the fact that I can help people literally all over the world with their hot tubs and plunge pools. It really doesn’t matter where you are located. I’ve helped customers in South Africa before, but if my memory serves me correctly, I believe this is the first one that I am helping in Central Africa – Cameroon to be exact.

Finding Help and Plans Online

Blaise reached out to me because he had a lot of people willing to help him build the hot tub and plunge pool, but he needed help with the design and plans. Blaise purchased a set of the off the shelf plans in my online store.

In addition to the plans, Blaise also needed help finding the parts. Some of the hot tub parts are specialty items that are difficult to find in Cameroon, so I put together a package of parts for Blaise to export to Africa.

Unique Pool Wall Construction

One interesting aspect of Blaise’s build is the way he is constructing the walls. Typically, people build the interior walls first, then add the plumbing, rebar, and exterior walls. Blaise is doing the opposite.

He has already built the exterior walls, and now he is adding the rebar and plumbing inside the walls. Then, he will form up the interior walls and pour concrete. This method is perfectly acceptable and creates a very sturdy structure.

Swimming Pool Exterior Walls

Hot Tub Progress

The hot tub is at the same stage of construction as the pool. Blaise has built the exterior wall and added the rebar. He likely won’t need insulation because of Cameroon’s warm climate. Next, he will add plumbing inside the rebar, form up the interior walls, and pour concrete.

Plumbing Mishap (Potentially! but avoided)

Blaze sent me a picture of one of the plumbing fittings being installed. The fitting was upside down, which could cause problems. When these fittings are installed incorrectly, water pressure can push against the air, reducing the strength of the jets and flooding the blower. I reminded Blaise to install the fittings with the larger water line at the base and the airline above.

Project Update

Blaise has built the walls for both the pool and hot tub. He is now adding the plumbing and will soon bend the rebar for the hot tub seats before forming and pouring concrete.


This is an ongoing project, check back soon for an update.