Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

Unless you have a body like “The Rock” or a set of Abs like J-Lo, we can all be a little conscious of being in out swimwear. According to CBS News, 97% of women have a negative body image. Being on show, in the backyard or garden, not ideal for most of us. Therefore, it would make sense that we need to think about some ideas for how to create hot tub privacy.

It is not just the getting in and getting out, I certainly know that I did not want to be “on show” for all the neighbours to see. This was certainly a design factor when I built my Hot tub.

In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the Hot Tub Privacy ideas out there, from simple screens, to fences and curtains, we’ll cover it all.


What Privacy Considerations should I think about before installing a hot tub?

Privacy is an important consideration when you purchase a hot tub. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Location and Placement: Choose the location of your hot tub carefully. It should ideally be in an area of your yard that offers natural privacy, such as a corner, behind a fence, or with strategic landscaping. Avoid placing it in a spot that is easily visible from neighbors’ windows or the street.

  2. Fencing and Screens: If your hot tub area is not naturally private, consider installing privacy fencing, screens, or trellises. These can provide a barrier to shield your hot tub from view. Options include lattice panels, bamboo screens, or tall hedges.

  3. Hot Tub Enclosures: Some hot tubs come with enclosures or gazebo options that provide privacy while also protecting the tub from the elements. These can be a stylish and functional addition to your hot tub setup.

  4. Landscaping: Landscaping can be an effective way to create a private oasis around your hot tub. Consider planting trees, shrubs, or tall grasses to act as a natural screen. Evergreen plants provide year-round privacy.

  5. Outdoor Curtains or Shades: If you have an open area around your hot tub, outdoor curtains or shades can be a quick and easy way to add privacy. They also create a cozy, enclosed feeling around the tub.

  6. Hot Tub Cover: A quality hot tub cover can offer privacy as well as safety and energy efficiency. Lockable covers can prevent access to the tub when not in use.

  7. Time of Use: Be mindful of when you use your hot tub. Using it during the evening or at night can provide more privacy compared to daytime use.

  8. Neighborhood Regulations: Check your local zoning and neighborhood regulations for any specific rules regarding hot tub placement, fencing, or landscaping. Some areas have restrictions on these features.

  9. Consider Your Neighbors: Open communication with your neighbors can be valuable. Let them know about your hot tub plans, and ask if they have any concerns about privacy or noise. Being a considerate neighbor can help maintain good relationships.

  10. Lighting: Consider the lighting around your hot tub. Properly placed outdoor lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere while also providing some level of privacy.

  11. Sound Barriers: In addition to visual privacy, consider sound barriers to minimize noise escaping from your hot tub area. This can help maintain peace and quiet for both you and your neighbors.

Remember that privacy is not only about shielding your hot tub from view but also about creating a comfortable and enjoyable space for relaxation. Choose privacy solutions that match your style and preferences, and be considerate of your neighbors to ensure a harmonious outdoor experience.


Hot Tub Privacy Idea 1 – Grow Your Own Privacy Wall

It may seem a little too obvious, but why not grow yourself a privacy wall with plants or hedging? I actually did this myself for the rear of my Hot Tub. I did this in order to “break things up a bit” from the very stark wooden features of the red cedar.

By growing a hedge at the back I did shield the hot tub and create a bit of privacy. However, it also broke up the lines visually to enable the Hot Tub to blend into the garden a little better.

Hot Tub Privacy Ideas


Hot Tub Privacy Ideas – Hang Curtains

If you have any kind of a structure around your Hot Tub? A gazebo or trellis, pergola, something like this, then why not hang some curtains? You can buy these separately and they are somewhat inexpensive on the likes of Amazon. It is a perfect way to give yourself a little more privacy.

Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

How About a Screen?

Screens are a quick and easy way to give yourself a little more privacy for your Hot Tub. Most screens are portable and moveable meaning that they have the added advantage of not being a permanent structure. Use them as and when you want to.

Privacy Fencing or a Trellis

My hot tub sort of fits into this category. I have a fence around it as well as “grown wall” as I have already described. A simple fence is not difficult to do but can provide you with the privacy that you need. Think about the height though. What I mean by this is that if it is too tall, then it will seem overbearing whilst you are in the tub. Also, remember you are also sitting down when in the tub so just because you can look over it when you stand next to the tub, doesn’t mean it is not going to give you the privacy that you want. Food for thought I am sure.

In the image above you can see that I have begun to put the fence around the Hot Tub. I started purposely with the fence at the side to give privacy straight away from the neighbours.

Gazebo or Garden House?

This is probably the most expensive option available. Permanent striations or custom build garden houses cost a small fortune. There is however, no denying that they both provide a huge amount of privacy for your Hot Tub. Just give things some thought. It is not something that you are going to be able to change easily.

My Favourite – A Sunken Tub!

I’m probably a bit biassed here, but this is definitely my favourite. This is exactly what I did. When I was designing my Hot Tub, one of the key things was that I did not want to be on view to the neighbours.

Luckily, where we are situated, there was only one neighbour that I had to be mindful of. So, what I did was sink the Hot Tub right into the ground. I also build a small fence around it.

This was partly for privacy, but partly for safety too as my children were quite small when I first build the tub. When we are in the tub, it is incredibly difficult for the neighbours to see us, behind a fence and so low in the ground – perfect!

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