Introducing the INKBIRD IBS-P02R Wireless Pool & Hot Tub Thermometer

Inkbird IBS-P02R Wireless Thermometer

For those of you that read my blog or watch my YouTube Channel, you will know that I love technology. Having spent a long time in the tech industry, I can’t help but love gadgets – especially where my hot tub is concerned.


In this blog post I am going to review a wireless thermometer manufactured by INKBIRD that is designed for swimming Pools and hot tubs.


Who are INKBIRD?


Established in 2010, INKBIRD have been manufacturing smart home living products for the past 13 years. It is not just the wet leisure industry that benefits from their technology, they are also present in food, outdoor leisure, as well as the domestic market for home temperature and humidity controllers. In short, they are not ‘the new kid on the block’ and have been around for a number of years now.


So, let’s get cracking with their latest product for the wet leisure industry – the IBS-P02R wireless thermometer.


Manufacturer’s Product Link –


Introducing the INKBIRD IBS-P02R Wireless Pool & Hot Tub Thermometer


The IBS-P02R is the latest offering from INKBIRD for the wet leisure industry. The wireless thermometer that comprises of a floating transmitter that sits in your pool or tub, and a receiver, which is an LCD display that sits on a shelf, worktop or desk. Battery powered, so no wires or cables, you can get real-time temperature data from your pool or tub just by glancing at the display.


Simple and effective – well, that’s how it sounds, so let’s jump into the test and see if it stacks up to the marketing blurb on their website.


Unboxing the INKBIRD IBS-P02R Wireless Pool & Hot Tub Thermometer


Never judge a book by its cover, but always judge a product on its packaging…the INKBIRD IBS-P02R did not disappoint. Simple but well manufactured packaging is always welcome. Open the box to be greeted with the user manual and then underneath the transmitter and the receiver, nestled nicely wrapped in moulded packaging. This will ensure the product gets to you in one piece.

The product itself feels well made. High quality plastic and rubber on the transmitter. A large clear LCD display on the receiver. Styled in white, it doesn’t look at all out of place sat on my modern desk underneath my monitor as I write this review.

inkbird IBS-P02R
inkbird IBS-P02R


Inkbird IBS-P02R - 1
Inkbird IBS-P02R – 1

The receiver has a nice weight to it – it feels well made and “expensive” as opposed to cheap, light and brittle feel you can get from some products. The build quality upon inspection is very good indeed.


First impressions, I’m impressed, can’t wait to try it!


Setting up and Configuring the INKBIRD IBS-P02R Wireless Pool & Hot Tub Thermometer


What configuration? This really doesn’t get any easier than this. I simply unboxed the units and put 2 x AA batteries (not included) in both the receiver and the transmitter. That was it. Job done! No pairing required, no complicated process, it just worked straight out of the box.

Inkbird IBS-P02R - 2
Inkbird IBS-P02R – 2

This is great. Whilst I was testing this product, I was heating up my tub from cold as it has just been refilled so it was a great opportunity to see it in action.

The desktop display is perfect, large and easy to read at a glance. It is kind of addictive to see where the tub temperature is at. There is a battery indicator for both the transmitter and receiver so you can see exactly where you are with the unit’s power too.


The indoor unit will also monitor your room temperature and humidity which is pretty cool – no pun intended.


Whilst I was “messing around with the buttons” as one does lol, I managed to reset the device. It was really easy to pair the unit again, I just had to put them transmitter and the receiver next to each other for a few seconds and they paired themselves – this really is a very easy to use product – one of the simplest I have seen for a long time.


Transmission Distance


One of the issues I have had previously, even with the WIFI or RF modules and Apps for my hot tub gadgets is that they need to be pretty close to the router or a paired receiver. The specification say that the unit will transmit up to 300ft in perfect conditions.


I have quite a long garden and my hot tub is a good 120ft from my house with and office and trees for interference in-between. Whilst it worked perfectly from my office (many products don’t FYI), as suspected, the house was just too far. What happened was the temperature simply did not update. Nothing for concern though – I’ve never had a wireless product work from my hot tub to my house yet! Clearly I have extreme conditions in my garden!




Why do I need a Wireless Thermometer in my Hot Tub or Swimming Pool?


A wireless thermometer in your hot tub or swimming pool can be a very useful tool for monitoring the temperature of the water. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider using one:


  1. Temperature control: Maintaining the right temperature in your hot tub or swimming pool is essential for comfort and safety. A wireless thermometer can help you monitor the temperature in real-time and make adjustments as needed to your heating.


  1. Energy efficiency: Running your hot tub or pool heater continuously can be expensive. With a wireless thermometer, you can monitor the water temperature and only heat the water when necessary, which can help you save on energy costs.


  1. Preventing damage: Extreme temperatures can damage your hot tub or swimming pool equipment. By monitoring the water temperature with a wireless thermometer, you can ensure that the water is not too hot or too cold, which can help prevent damage to your equipment.


  1. Safety: Water that is too hot (or cold) can be dangerous, especially for children and the elderly. By monitoring the temperature with a wireless thermometer, you can ensure that the water is at a safe temperature for everyone to enjoy.


  1. Even if you have a thermostat on your heater or your spa pack on your hot tub, these will only monitor your temperature when your pump is running. All pool and hot tub thermometers that are linked to the heater and do require flow.

    What this means is that when your pump is not running, which on your hot tub, it should be off more than it is on, your temperature monitoring of your tub is limited. This is even the case if you have a wireless module (I have 2 FYI) – the accuracy of these is only good when the pump runs and the thermostat polls the water.


Likewise for your pool, if you have a holiday home or an Air BnB in a warm climate, the chances are that you will not be heating you pool. Let’s face it, we want them to be as economical as possible for the ROI. Unless you have hard wired a temperature sensor into your equipment, there is no way of knowing what the temperature of the water is.



Overall, a wireless thermometer can help you keep your hot tub or swimming pool at the right temperature, save on energy costs, prevent damage to your equipment, and ensure the safety of your family and guests.


But I have an App for my Spa Pack or Heat Pump – why do I need this?


Firstly, so do I – I have two as I have already mentioned. One for my Spa Pack and one for my Heat Pump. However, my wife and kids to not. What do I mean? Well, whilst I can monitor the temperature of my tub from my cell phone, my wife and kids can’t.


What if they want to check and I am not around – they have to walk down the garden to do so. Ok, “higher class” problems one might say, but this does happen. “Is the hot tub hot yet?” I constantly get asked pretty much every weekend as my better half is waiting to get into the tub on a Saturday afternoon.


With this product, she can see exactly where the tub is at in terms of temperature – bring on the peace and quiet!


The other thing to think about, is that I have on my blog before written about how unreliable these apps can be. I quite often lose the connection on the ControlMySpa app (as do a lot of others from the online forums) INKBIRD’s thermometer connection worked seamlessly throughout my testing and continues to do so!

Also, you have to get your cell phone out of your pocket, find the app, open it, wait for it to connect – with the INKBIRD wireless thermometer, it is constantly displaying the temperature so I can just glance over from my desk. You won’t believe how addictive this actually is!


What I particularly like about this is that the temperature is accurate to 0.1C – my Apps are to 0.5C and 1C respectively for my Spa Pack and My Heat Pump.



Where else can I use the INKBIRD IBS-P02R thermometer?


There are many other uses for this product. Fish tanks, Koi Ponds, Baby Baths where the temperature is obviously crucial. Any water vessel where the temperature needs monitoring, this product is ideal.



What features do I think INKBIRD should add next?


There is no denying this is a great thermometer arguably the best thermometer for your hot tub or pool. However, the next level for this product would be to add the wireless monitoring of Chemicals, Chlorine, Bromine, PH, TA – put that all into one simple product – be able to set limits and warnings from the monitor, keep it at the affordable price point and this becomes a complete game changer. What do you think INKBIRD?


Just my 10 cents worth….


Happy “remote temp monitoring” Hot Tubbin’


Specifications INKBIRD IBS-P02R


  • Temperature and Humidity Monitor (Receiver)
  • Temperature measurement range : -10℃~60℃ (14℉~140℉) 
  • Temperature measurement accuracy : ±1.0℃ (±1.8℉) 
  • Temperature display accuracy : 0.1℃ (0.1℉) 
  • Humidity measurement range : 0~ 99% 
  • Humidity measurement accuracy : ± 5% 
  • Humidity display accuracy : 1% 
  • Maximum number of thermometer channels supported at the same time : 3 
  • Pool Thermometer (Transmitter)
  • Temperature measurement range : -40℃~70℃ (-40℉~158℉) 
  • Temperature measurement accuracy : ±1℃(±1.8℉) 
  • Temperature display accuracy : 0.1℃(0.1℉) 
  • Sampling period : 10s 
  • Waterproof grade : IPX7 
  • Warranty : 1 year