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Scott Texas

Scott, a passionate DIY enthusiast and resident of Texas, had a dream – to create his own custom hot tub right in his backyard. With a strong background in construction and an eagerness to take on new challenges, Scott was determined to turn this dream into a reality. However, he knew that the success of this project depended on more than just his building skills. He needed the expertise of a hot tub design consultant (me!) to guide him through the complex plumbing and parts selection process.

Introducing Scott – “Hi Scott!” First things first, the area needs to be cleared!

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The Challenge:

The building side of things was not an issue for Scott, he had that covered.

Scott recognized the importance of having a well-thought-out plumbing layout for his hot tub to ensure optimal performance, safety, and efficiency. He also understood that choosing the right parts for the job was crucial.

Without proper guidance and access to quality components, the project could quickly become overwhelming and costly. The biggest mistake you can make is going into your DIY Hot Tub project without a plan! I’ve seen it time and time again, the results are not pretty and can be very expensive!

Scott - design

The Solution:

Scott hired me as a hot tub design consultant for his project to make his dream hot tub a reality.  What Scott sent me was a sketch of what he was looking to achieve. From this, I could draw up the plumbing CAD for him so that he had a clear plan to follow for the plumbing aspect of his build.

Additionally, I provided Scott with a comprehensive parts list, ensuring that every plumbing component required for the build was accounted for.

Having me on his project meant that Scott could confidently embark on this DIY Hot Tub journey. He understood that the right parts were not only essential for the project’s success but also for its long-term durability and functionality. 


The Journey:

Throughout the DIY hot tub build, Scott had access to me with any questions that he had – I provide this service for all of my Custom Build clients. This accessibility was invaluable, as it allowed Scott to seek advice, ask questions, and address any concerns as they arose. Wiring questions, how to configure the spa pack, I had him covered.

Everybody that builds a hot tub has questions. Some more than others and they usually are around a specific area or stage of the build that customers are not sure of. There is always something! This is what I do, I’m here to help.

Building a hot tub from scratch is a complex task, I’ve certainly learnt from my customers over the years that having a resource that they can call, email, zoom, whatever is needed is real peace of mind on a project like this.

The Result:

I think you will agree that the end result is pretty impressive. Scott successfully completed his DIY hot tub build, resulting in a stunning addition to his backyard. 

Scott’s hot tub has become a beloved oasis, offering relaxation and rejuvenation in the heart of Texas. With the hot tub under his belt, and a new found confidence for all things “wet leisure building” Scott’s next endeavor is to build a matching pool, creating the ultimate backyard retreat. Watch this space!


Scott’s DIY hot tub build is a testament to the power of collaboration and guidance in achieving ambitious goals. With my support and access to the right parts for the job, Scott transformed his vision into a reality.

This case study highlights the importance of proper planning, quality components, and expert advice in ensuring the success of DIY projects, especially when they involve complex systems like hot tubs.

Scott’s journey demonstrates that with the right resources and determination, even the most ambitious DIY dreams can come true.

Scott, what a fantastic job. Thanks for all the pics and I can’t wait to see how the pool comes on!

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