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Spa Pool Combo

What is a Spa Pool Combo?

A Spa Pool Combo, as the name suggests, is a combination of a Spa, Jacuzzi or Hot Tub combined with a swimming pool. Having a Spa Pool combo in your backyard is the ultimate relaxation zone. Somewhere to unwind after a long stressful day. It is also serious #backyardgoals and in this article, I am going explore all things Spa Pool related.

Can I build a Spa Pool Combo?

Absolutely. Building a Spa Pool Combo is totally possible as a DIYer. I’ve mentioned many times in this blog that the methods used by the professional spa builders are not going to be possible for us mere DIYers. There is a way to do it of course and you can either opt for a block build pool spa combo, or a poured concrete one.

Either of these two methods will allow you to build as a DIYer. However, this is not a project for the feint-hearted and is a considerable amount of work for sure.

For me, with any project, the key is planning. Nobody plans to fail but without a plan, you will fail. Period! So, before we investigate the design considerations, let’s look at how a spa pool combo works.

Spa Pool Combo

How does a Spa Pool Combo Work?

The idea behind a spa pool combo is having a smaller spa or hot tub and a larger pool. In the Spa or hot tub there will be a series of massage jets. Usually, the water is heated to a higher temperature in the spa or hot tub.

The idea is that you can move between the two easily. Often, they are connected so you can slide from one to another. In some designs, the spa portion is in the pool itself. It really depends on your design.

Thus, when you move from the hot water to the cooler pool, there are therapeutic benefits. Something to do with getting your blood circulating that kind of thing. This is not my area of expertise so I will leave you to Google that.

Design Considerations for a Spa Pool Combo

When you are designing that perfect spa pool combo, you need to consider the following aspects;

Layout, Size and Shape

How big is your pool and spa going to be? How much space to you have available? I guess the space that you have available is probably the deciding factor on this. However, a larger pool and spa is obviously going to cost more to heat and run. This is also true for the build cost. Even some of the components will be more expensive if you go for a larger combo.

Where are you going to keep you plant room or control room as I like to call it?

What shape are you going to build? Remember, building shapes with curves, especially out of brick is much more complicated that rectangular combos.

Connected or Separate? Plumbing Considerations for a Spa Pool Combo

This is one of the key aspects to your design. Whether you are going to have your spa pool combo physically connected. By connected, I mean that the waters of the two will mix.

For example, if you have an overflow on your spa into your pool, then the waters are mixing. At some point, that water needs to be returned to the spa. How are you going to do that?

How are you going to heat each portion of the combo? Will you use separate heaters or will you look for a dual zone heater. This would allow you to have two different temperatures.

With your overflow, if you are returning pool water to your hot tub, you really need to have it being retuned via the heater. Otherwise, you will be returning cooler water into your spa which is going to be counter-productive on the heating side of things.

On the heating side of things, what method are you going to use? Propane and Gas are the quickest for heating up hot tubs and pools. Electric is the easiest to install, but the slowest. Air Source Heat Pumps are the most economical, but the initial cost tends to be higher. The heating side of a spa pool combo in important.

How many jets are you going to have in your spa? More jets, more flow is required, and a larger pump is needed. Will you be using a blower to have a more “bubbly” effect in your Spa? I’m not going to go into lots of detail on this article, but you do need to think carefully about the jet numbers and layout in your spa.

Spa Pool Combo

Water feature for your Spa Pool Combo?

Adding a water feature to your spa and pool combo can be a great addition. However, this is not just a case of adding a bit more pipe. There are some design considerations that you need to think about. Firstly, for a water feature, I always prefer to have these on their own pumps. This is totally separate to the jet pump in your spa or the circulation pump on your pool. By having your own pump for the water feature gives you total control over the flow.

In general, you only need a small circulation pump to add say a waterfall, but being able to control it independently from your pool and spa is a must. The last thing you want is to turn on your waterfall and next to no water flows out!

Just be mindful of any flow requirements that the waterfall or water feature needs. If you have more than one, make sure you are doing the right calculations to get the flow right for them.

I have a more in depth article here about adding waterfalls check it out.

Can I help at all with your Spa Pool Combo?

If you are not sure where to start or even if you are, I am sure I can help. I can help you take that rough sketch of your dream spa pool combo and turn it into reality. From custom designs to parts supply, I’m here for you.

Use the form below to get in touch an tell me more about your project. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy “combo” tubbin’


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