Stock Tank Hot Tub Kit – Ben, CA, USA DIY Case Study

DIY Stock Tank Hot Tub Kit

Nestled in the heart of sunny California, Ben had a vision – to elevate his Airbnb experience and offer guests something truly extraordinary. The answer? A DIY stock tank hot tub that would not only provide relaxation but also become a star attraction in his Airbnb retreat.

Ben’s journey of turning this vision into a reality is nothing short of inspiring. What sets his story apart? The secret ingredient was a DIY Stock Tank Hot Tub Kit from, a treasure trove for DIY enthusiasts looking to create their own backyard hot tub haven.

In this post, I will dive deep into Ben’s remarkable journey, exploring how he built the most awesome DIY stock tank hot tub you’ve ever seen. Get ready for a dip into the world of creativity, craftsmanship, and a dash of California charm as I unveil Ben’s hot tub transformation masterpiece.

Infinity Hot Tub – DIY-built?

DIY Infinity Hot Tub

DIY Infinity Hot Tub? Is this possible? Well, hopefully by the time you get to the end of this case study you will see and learn that it totally is.

Chris from Utah got in touch with me as he knew exactly what he wanted to build. He has even modelled it up in 3D – he just didn’t know how to plumb it in – this is where I came in.

Not all of the consultancy work that I do is a full design, sometimes I’m drafted in to work on the plumbing, or even the structural build too. 

To learn more about my hot tub consultancy, you can read more here.

So back to Chris in Utah and his journey with his DIY Infinity Hot Tub.

Trey’s DIY Hot Tub Build – Germany

Trey's DIY Hot Tub Build

It always surprises me just how much communication back and forth I have with customers when I come to put these case studies together. Even more so when I am starting to write it up well over a year since the initial contact. I must have well over 150 emails and so many photos back and forth. Some are of parts and how to fit them so I am not going to include those in this case study. But I will include as many of the pics that Trey very kindly has sent me.

Trey, US services Veteran now living in Germany got in touch with me through the website, on the regular DIY Form that you can find at the bottom of this page.

Unveiling the Secrets of Hot Tub Heating and Energy Efficiency

Hot Tub Heating and Energy Efficiency

Picture this: a serene evening, stars twinkling overhead, a gentle breeze in the air, and the soothing embrace of warm water enveloping you in your own personal oasis. Hot tubs have a unique way of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, offering relaxation and rejuvenation like no other. But as any hot tub owner knows, this luxury comes with a price – the cost of heating and maintaining that inviting warmth.

In my latest blog post, I’m embarking on a journey into the world of hot tub heating and energy efficiency. Whether you’re a seasoned hot tub enthusiast or considering taking the plunge into ownership, understanding the secrets to efficient heating can help you enjoy your hot tub to the fullest while keeping your energy bills in check.

Join me as I explore a series of practical tips, expert insights, and innovative approaches that not only promise a greener, more eco-conscious hot tub experience but also put more savings back in your pocket. From optimizing heating schedules to harnessing the power of the sun, we’re about to unveil the keys to keeping your hot tub warm and inviting without breaking the bank.

Get ready to dive into a world of warmth, relaxation, and cost-effective hot tub enjoyment. Let’s turn up the heat on hot tub heating and discover how to make every soak a truly energy-efficient experience.

How To Heat A Hot Tub for FREE

Heat Hot Tub For Free

Hey Andi here from In this video, we’re going to see how Ben heats his hot tub for free. So let’s go ahead and take a look.

Okay, so the first thing that I’m going to say is it is not with that would fire burner that you probably saw on the cover of this video, so that is definitely not how Ben is heating his hot tub for free.

So how is he heating his hot tub? I hear you ask. Well before we get to that, always a good opportunity you know I was going to get that in there for me to say please do subscribe to the channel. Hit that notification icon to be notified when our videos go live. I do two long form videos just like this every single week, and a whole bunch of shorts – everything on this channel focuses on DIY hot tubs, plunge pools, parts and pretty much everything in between. So Ben is he eating his hot tub for free? How does he do it?

Building a Hot Tub – Navigating the Unknown

I went to Iceland a while back, which was fantastic. During my time there, I enjoyed a daily soak in a hot tub. After a few days of soaking I noticed a lot of nagging aches and pains were gone. So I thought, damn, I need to get one of these for my house some day. I would shop around, but never pull the trigger. Finally, in 2019, I made the decision to pursue this.

Cloudy water in a hot tub – that is the last thing that you want!

cloudy water in hot tub

Cloudy water in a hot tub – that is the last thing that you want; welcome to the world of hot tub ownership. There’s nothing quite like sinking into the warm, bubbling waters and letting your worries melt away. However, as a hot tub owner, you may occasionally encounter a common issue that can put a damper on your soak time: cloudy water.

Cloudy water in a hot tub is a frustrating and all-too-common problem that many owners face. It not only affects the aesthetic appeal of your hot tub but also raises concerns about water quality and hygiene. But fear not, because in this blog post, we will explore the causes of cloudy water in a hot tub and provide you with practical tips and solutions to restore crystal-clear, pristine water.

As a hot tub design consultant, I’ve encountered my fair share of cloudy water situations, and I’m here to share my expertise with you. Whether you’re a new hot tub owner or a seasoned enthusiast, this article will equip you with the knowledge and tools to tackle cloudy water issues head-on.

So, if you’re ready to dive deep into the world of hot tub water clarity and discover the secrets to achieving sparkling, clear water in your tub, let’s get started. Say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to an exceptional hot tub experience!

Party spas, are they a thing?

Party spas

Party spas, are they a thing? Welcome to my blog post dedicated to party spas—a fantastic addition that can transform your backyard into an incredible entertainment space! As a hot tub design consultant at, I specialize in helping individuals like you build their own customized hot tubs, plunge pools, and Jacuzzis.

If you love hosting unforgettable gatherings and want to create a captivating atmosphere for your guests, a party spa designed specifically for socializing is the perfect choice. In this article, I will dive deep into the world of party spas, exploring their unique features, benefits, and design considerations.

Whether you envision relaxing soaks under the stars or vibrant celebrations with your friends and family, a party spa will be the centrepiece of your outdoor entertainment. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together and discover how we can take your backyard parties to the next level with an unforgettable party spa experience!